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PostPosted: Mon Jun 03, 2024 9:57 pm 
3.0TB storage
3.0TB storage

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I just had my OS SSD on my WHS11 server start crapping out. Freezes at log in & blue screens. The drive would freeze on a chkdsk and SMART attributes were wonky. So after moving the stablebit pooled data onto the rest of the data drives (super easy to do), I did a fresh bare metal install of the OS on a new drive.

IMHO, the readme that comes with the updater is a bit weak, so for those who need more detailed instructions on how to use the updater, read on.

APPLICATION NOTES for the WHS11 off-line update installer:

This update install tool is specifically tailored to update Windows Home Server 2011 (code named Vail). The download is 8.15 GB and contains the installer and all s2k8r2 & WHS11 updates thru 1/2020. The application itself is opened using the file updateinstaller.exe. The recommended install options are to select Install .NET Framework 4.8, Update Root Certificates, Install Management Framework 5.1 and if you are using a headless server like the HP Mediasmart Server, Update Remote Desktop Client.

If you select Automatic reboot and recall, the tool will run thru 7 update cycles unattended. Otherwise, you will have to manually restart the computer after each install run. If you select show log file, the tool will display the update log once the full update run completes. The log shows what updates are installed, excluded, and if any install errors occurred. Should you not Select to view the log during a run, it can be found at C:\Windows\wsusofflineupdate.txt. Also it creats it's own power profile so dont be suprised if it turns off your monitor after 30 sec. Just bump your mouse if you want to see what's going on.


Shown below are 3 special purpose updates & rollups for s2k8R2. They are no longer available thru Windows Update; some are no longer available thru Microsoft's update catalog. If you're not planning to install these, you can disregard the install their instructions. Just open the update installer application, select the install options you prefer, and let it run. The installer will update WHS11 with the most current & applicable s2k8r2 & WHS11 updates thru 2020-01 (including the Windows Home Server 2011 Update Rollup 4 & the .NET Framework/UEFI conflict update shown below).

Should you want to add the below updates, please review this entire readme before begining their install.

Once you have decided which rollups and/or feature packs you want to install, they can be found in the tool by navagating to the folder \w61-x64\glb. Once there, just do a search for the kb number you are looking for. Installation is done manually by double clicking on the file name.

These updates are found by opening the folder the update client is in, navagate to the folder .\w61-x64\glb), and type in the KB update number.

1) The optional rollups and/or feature packs you choose must be installed "before" you run the update installer application.
2) Before installing any of the below rollups and/or feature packs, the install requires that the 2019-03 Servicing Stack Update KB4490628 be installed.
Once the updated SSU has been installed, no restart is required.

If you want to install more than one of the three shown, they should be installed in the following order:

1) The "Enterprise Hotfix Rollup" KB2775511-v2 and its post-requisites,
2) The "Convenience Rollup," KB3125574-v4
3) The "WHS11 UR4 & UEFIHotfix".

1) Enterprise Hotfix Rollup KB2775511-v2 2013-09

This is a Rollup of 90 Hotfixes for nt6.1. Most are no longer available thru Microsoft update catalog or the Microsoft Hotfix Service
Install Hotfix Rollup KB2775511-v2
- reboot
Next, install the following individual updates noted below in the order they are listed.
Install Hotfix KB2581608, KB2752259, KB2601014-v2, KB2732673-v4, KB2728738-v3, KB2878378-v2
Except for the first two listed, a reboot will be required after each install.

2) Convenience Rollup (KB3125574-v4) 2016-04

-The Convenience Rollup consists of 126 updates for NT6.1sp1 and updates the OS thru 2013-04.
- install the Convenience Rollup KB3125574-v4
- reboot

3) WHS11 UR4 (KB2757011) / GPT/UEFI Hotfix Feature Pack (KB2781272)

This WHS11 Update Rollup contains the contents of the first 3 prior update rollups along with additional improvements and fixes for the WHS11 OS. It a pre-requisite for the discontinued UEFI Hotfix Feature Pack. Consequently, on a clean install they must be installed next to each other (first UR4 then UEFI hotfix).
- install the Windows Home Server 2011 Update Rollup 4 KB2757011
- reboot, if required
- install the UEFI/Hotfix Feature Pack/ KB2781272
- reboot, if required

Thats all there is to it. I typically run the updater 2x just to make sure all are installed. You will also see on the log that 17 updates show a warning for updates not found. These are superseded updates and the newer update is installed, no worries.

Hi All, Thanks to everyone for your continued effort to keep the MSS & WHS alive. Haven't registered yet? Please do so the moderators know your here!

ex49x/v1 (toyin w/Vail)
Q8200s w/two 30mm cooling fans
4gb Ram
Rear Casecover Cooling Mod


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