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After three years of continuous use, I experienced rampaging file corruption on a WHS v.1 SYS disk.

I needed to do either a repair installation or a full rebuild of the server - including a new installation and rebuild of all the user's folders and files from backups.

I tried doing a repair re-installation. But ended up doing a full re-installation and rebuild.

During the process I accidentally learned something that WHS users out there may find useful.

I'd been using a WD1600AVJS drive as Drive 0 in an HP N36L Microserver. I'd read somewhere (I haven't been able to find again) that by using TrueImage to clone or recreate the drive containing C:SYS & D:DATA to a large drive, and by following up with a repair re-installation, the repair installation would keep the proportionately larger partitions; thereby eliminating all the registry editing that YBMOC & Yakuza originally documented and recommended here in 2010. (THANKS GUYS!)

To make what could turn into a long story shorter, IT WORKED!

I got a good price on a 500 GB WD Black drive and proceeded to image and then clone my WD1600AVJS to the bigger WD Black 500GB drive.

The proportionate cloning operation using TrueImage created a new SYS drive with a C: Partition of almost 80 GM. Then I successfully completed a repair re-installation of WHS v.1 and got my system running again - this time with a much bigger SYS drive.

The re-installation succeeded at re-registering all the files and computer backups saved and duplicated on three Seagate 2TB Momentus XP drives in the N36L's bays 1-3.

What surprised me the most was re-registration of the nearly 6 TB of data files took less than 45 minutes in LBA mode. That WD Black drive is FAST!

If I'd been smart at that point, I'd have quit playing around then and there, imaged my new SYS & Data drives with TrueImage, (using a doc on a different machine) and gone about reinstalling all the plug-in's needed to bring my new installation back to where I'd left the old WHS v.1 installation that I'd scrapped.

BUT NO! I was compelled to play around and *crew up my new re-installation up completely!

I'll spare the details. I'm sure you all know plenty of ways to *crew up a WHS 'v.1 installation, without help from me.

The long and the short of it is I screwed up my original data volumes and had to do a complete re-installation and rebuild.

So I reformatted and removed the three data volumes in bays 1-3, deleted the C: & D: partitions on my WD Black 500GB drive, and started a full re-installation.

I let the full re-installation finish, pulled the WD Black 500GB, and used Disk Director 11 to give myself an ample 80 GB C: partition to do an immediate REPAIR RE-INSTALLATION ONTO!!

This time, as soon as the re-installation process completed successfully, I pulled the 500 GB SYS/DATA drive and made a backup image of it in pristine condition, before beginning the re-installation of the three, 2TB data drives.

I was being VERY CAREFUL this time. I pulled & re-imaged the SYS/DATA drive after each subsequent milestone in my WHS v.1 server rebuilding process.

I finally got all three of my data volumes rebuilt and let my newly re-built Homeserver begin to build up a new database of my LAN's computers.

After a couple of days of saving computer backups on the new system I thought it might be prudent to run CHKDKS on my three new data volumes. SURE ENOUGH! Chkdsk /f /v discovered and fixed some pretty serious file system anomalies on the first data volume I checked.

I subsequently check the remaining two data volumes and found/fixed the same file structure glitches.

My new WHS v.1 is still chugging away contentedly. The large SYS volume on the WD Black 500GB drive works LOADS better than it ever did on my prior WD1600AVJS installation.

In summary, what I learned and tested twice is doing a repair re-installation of WHS v.1 to a large SYS partition eliminates the need to edit the registry and revise the partition size after re-installation.

It's worked for me. I hope someone else will can rofit from my serendipity.

Apologies to whoever it was that originally documented this useful trick.

If someone out there has the link to that original posting, I'll happily re-post the attribution.

Dr. Bob Blomeyer
Online Teaching Associates


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