OMG - Has no one re-purposed a mediasmart for WHS V2?
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Author:  1strail [ Sat Mar 26, 2011 11:18 pm ]
Post subject:  OMG - Has no one re-purposed a mediasmart for WHS V2?

I have been waiting for someone, anyone to give us (me in particualr) a hint as to how to make the best use out of our "baby" server. I love this little guy and am almost ready to drop him into the dumpster. UNLESS, I find there is a raid driver and a bios based app to set up Raid so that I can deal with the non DE WHS v2. This is not going away and in time, there will be more and more people jumping the WHS v1 ship. I have 6 windows 7 computer in my house, a windows 2008 R2 server running hyper-v where I have done most of my socializing with Vail.

Things I don't like

1.) Launchpad - If you know what this is, then you know how irrelative it is, just give me the dashbard shortcut and I'm good
2.) I know have to figure out how to use a dated raid driver on my HP Mediasmart, find the Raid sw, and who knows what else just to enjoy the same piece of mind I got with drive extender and folder duplication.
3.) The health alert thing cannot get its timing straight and apparantly has issues updating status alerts suchs as firewall protection, security and others. Mess around with the alert system (updating/refreshing mutiple time) eliviates the problems does a re-boot.

What I want is to be able to make Drive c: the sys drive. Raid the others. Thats it, raid drives and advice

Author:  ymboc [ Sun Mar 27, 2011 11:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: OMG - Has no one re-purposed a mediasmart for WHS V2?

I thought there were at least two DE replacement addons available in the public beta stages?... If I ever move on to WHSv2 it will probably be with some type of DE-type software.

That said, what is it about WHSv1 that doesn't meet your requirements? (edit: Beyond the lack of support for 3TB drives that is... )

Any raid driver available for any of the mediasmart servers is going to be primarily software based anyway -- even if it is hidden in the drivers. I don't think there would be a significant benefit of trying to use either of Intel's or SIS's raid tools to accomplish your goals.

Author:  1strail [ Sun Mar 27, 2011 2:48 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: OMG - Has no one re-purposed a mediasmart for WHS V2?

Thanks ymboc, sorry, I was on a rant. To answer your question as to why move to WHS 2 if WHS 1 works just fine. To be completely honest, there really isn't a good reason. There are a few reasons, but they primarily have to do with consistency in the UI (WHS 2 is essentially windows 7, which is essentailly Server 2008 r2). They all look, feel and work essentially the same way. I don't use WHS for remote streaming because it's choppy at best and then I have to recode each movie from it's .vob ripped state to something that WHS will recognize and stream. When I must have video on the go, we just use our IPAD and netflix. So why have an HP Mediasmart with WHS you may ask, when I have windows 7 on all my machines, they all running Windows Media Player network sharing service and their media libraries can be seen by all other PC's and PS3? It's because I want a dedicated server that doesn't bog down any one PC. So really a place to store all of my (expensive) music and ripped DVD's and have them backed up without having to put much thought into it. Also having WHS back up all of mt PC's is an added bonus. Not sure if I answered the question and sorry to write a book, but at the end of the day it's more about the thrill of the hunt than the actual catching of the fox.

Author:  LoneWolf [ Sun Apr 03, 2011 7:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: OMG - Has no one re-purposed a mediasmart for WHS V2?

My personal advice --if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Chances are if you get WHS v2 on your MediaSmart, you'll lose a number of HP-specific features that were bundled in with their software. This could include small things, like no more blinking drive lights or the Server Health light, but it might include other features you currently use.

I'm not sure why you have choppiness when streaming your videos. I stream from my EX490 to a Popcorn Hour C-200 over 100Mbps wired ethernet, and it is fine. Similarly, I also stream from my EX490 over Wireless-N to my ThinkPad. If you have issues, I wouldn't blame the hardware, but I'd look at these possibilities:

-Are you only using a Wireless-G router? If so, speed could be an issue.
-Are you running background processes on your server that are causing a fair amount of disk rebalancing, or indexing?
-Could your server's disks be highly fragmented? (In which case PerfectDisk and a few other WHS-compatible disk defragmentation programs are available)

The "thrill of the hunt" may be exciting. That said, unless you have an alternate place to store all of the data you've saved on your Mediasmart, it would really suck to find out you lost everything through an upgrade process that is far from mature, and will probably bring you very little benefit at this point. There's a reason that most IT admins don't run a mission-critical server with a 0-day release of a new Microsoft operating system, just like there's a reason they often wait 2-3 months before applying a new service pack after release. I'd at least wait until WHS 2011 has been released for a few months to give it a try.

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