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PostPosted: Wed Oct 16, 2019 12:37 pm 
1TB storage
1TB storage

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Thanks again for the useful information.
I still have a question – The problem indicated by SMART points to reallocated sectors, and has not changed for quite a while. The threshold is 140 and both the current value and worst value have been unchanged at 200 for 2-3 months.
Why would a hardware problem with the disk, which was circumvented by reallocating the data, be carried over to a new disk? Should not the clone/copy function copy the data and not pay attention to the area on the disk in error?

As to backing up the server - I guess what would help me is first a good procedure backing up all of the user files and installed software on a regular basis with, second, a well defined procedure, step by step, to do the recovery.


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PostPosted: Wed Oct 16, 2019 10:12 pm 
2.5TB storage
2.5TB storage

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Ruben Rocha wrote:
My server is offline right now so I can only answer from memory
1) I have added a new and matching disk into the server and added it to the pool. Duplication is turned on. Is there any way to tell how much space and for what it is used on each of the three drives? Is there a way to ensure/force only system to reside on the system drive?
There used to be a plugin that did just that. Something like advanced management.
But I usually just rdp to the server and find it there.
As far as the system drive. There is no way to keep pool data files off of it.
But Drive balancer will move what is there now..
as long as you have at least two pool drives and they are not full it should now write to the os drive.
2) I have had no errors showing up on SMART other than a warning on the system drive for several weeks as of now. Why would it be preferable to rebuild the system drive as opposed to cloning it? I really do not want to go through the rebuild process if I do not need to. But if the cloning is more difficult I can be persuaded. It just seems to me that one ought to be able to copy the system drive to a new drive, as is, and eliminate the hardware error waiting to happen. In my opinion, not being able to do that is a serious oversight.

If there are any errors on the original drive they if you clone it just brings them over.. For one.
3) Are there any products that could copy each of the drives on a server, in total, on a periodic basis? Likely to external drives.

The whs1 uses by folder not drives and there is a 2tb limit.
You can add a drive larger than 2tb ,I have tried 4tb and add it as a non pool drive(backup drive) and then swap them out if you need multiple drives for a backup.
But I know some have used robocopy or synctoy to do whatever they want.
4) I went back to read previous responses on this forum topic and realize I missed some tips so I am still trying to put together a plan. Is there a clear description someplace regarding all the steps needed to do a system recovery and what is needed to properly complete it? is there anything lost as a result of it?

The original manual or the wiki here tells most all you need.

1) The add-in your thinking of is called Disk Management ... management
It's $10. Ruben noted you can RDP into the server and check the disk drive size. That is correct. But if you want to know the used an unused space on each HDD, you'd need the Disk Management add-in.

2) One of the biggest issues to address when cloning WHS drives is you also need to change the drive ID number on the new drive to match the old drive. What Ruben said too. The cloning process is outlined on the link in post 2 by Yakuza of this thread.

3) Instead of backing up each drive individually, better would be to install BDBB on to your server. Then pick up a large enough backup drive to back up your clients with it & then backup your shares to it too (using MSS backup console). I've had no compatibility issues using the Star Tech HDD external dock (SDOCKU313E) either with USB or eSATA for just this purpose.

4) Yup, site wiki is your friend.

Hi All, Thanks to everyone for your continued effort to keep the MSS & WHS alive. Haven't registered yet? Please do so the moderators know your here!

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