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PostPosted: Mon Jul 03, 2017 4:40 pm 
2.5TB storage
2.5TB storage

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Thought that since I was having so much grief completing a server restore using the HP method I'd try using the method forum member Diehard came up with. That is creating usb flash files for the server to boot from a la ex47x and 48x units instead of the 'updated" PXE method on the 49x / 510.

Instructions were straightforward and the restore was successful first time. However you do need the ability to pull the boot files from a hidden partition on an older generation WHS per the attached .pdf instructions. Or download a free .rar converter like 7-zip and use the downloaded files that Diehard kindly provided.

Diehard wrote:!AkdpqdFoMwb7zFWoFEF7JXQ2xtju!AkdpqdFoMwb7zFaQIb_5NWkY5PK4

Here is a link to my files. You have to add the image file from your EX490 DVD to the correct folder.

Either way you begin step 1 of the instructions by creating the bootable USB stick.

In step 2 you create the files for the bootable USB using files located on a hidden partition on the WHS. Note that after remotely disabling the WHS to get access to the hidden partition where the files you need are located and restarting so the changes would take effect, the health light did not stop blinking blue and the drive light stayed off. No worries, after waiting a sufficient time after reboot for the OS to load, just RDP in, open my computer, and you will see the hidden drive. Mine were marked in drive E:. Just copy and paste these files into a thumb drive to work on them (note that the sys vol information folder and the recycler folder was missing on my new ex47x install). That had no effect as the server successfully booted into recovery anyhow

Obviously using Diehard's .rar files would have been far faster. I figured that out afterwards... DOH.

In step 3 you are updating the files on the USB stick you pulled off the server and is a two step process. First is to replace the 47x NIC card driver that you took off the server with the one for the 49x. The specific driver version called for was a bit elusive. Rather than risking that the updated driver woudn't work for some crazy reason, I found it here: ... K-XP.shtml

Second, your doing the same thing with boot.wim file from the server. Replace it with one from your ex49x server recovery disk (the instructions say restore disk but that is incorrect). Also make double sure your using the correct boot.wim file. The one that is located on the 49x recovery disk at D:\SOURCES is 116957kb. It is not the file specified in the instructions. The correct one is 120038kb and is located on the ex49x recovery disk in DVDdrive:\PXE\Boot.

In step 4 is actually a four step process. You will be preparing a new Recovery DVD disk as the OE disk will try to run the PXE boot stuff. You will need a EX47x recovery disk to get the base files from. Luckily, these are readily available in a bit torrent. Or of course, you can use the other .rar image Diehard provided.

First is to create a folder on your desktop to work on the files with and populate it with the appropriate 47x recovery files. Second, you will need to remove the ex47x Recovery image folder and replace it with the 49x image. Third do the same with the Home Server Connector Software folder. You are now ready to burn a new restore DVD. I burned it slowly and did data verification since the WHS v1 OS was now on it.

Step 5 is to complete the restore. I prepped the terminal (a w7/64) by turning off the anti-virus software and all three of the firewall profiles (thru control panel/Administrative tools/Windows Firewall with Advanced Security/View Firewall Properties.

The server and the terminal were both hard wired thru my router, not direct wired and I was not in safe mode. With the server off, install the usb stick in the lowest USB port on the back of the server and pull your primary drive out an inch so the server defaults into recovery mode (no more paperclip). Now run the new restore DVD up thru to the point the software asks you to start the server. At this point instead of starting the server, go ahead and hit next on the software, Now start the server, wait 5 seconds, and push the drive in.

Once the system tell you the restore was successful, remove the usb stick, restart, continue the recovery and setup the terminal.

That's it. Your done! and the best part is should there be a catastrophe, you can quickly and easily either restore or recovery from it now.


Creating a Bootable USB Drive for your EX49X.pdf [130.09 KiB]
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Hi All, Thanks to everyone for your continued effort to keep the MSS & WHS alive. Haven't registered yet? Please do so the moderators know your here!

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 07, 2017 10:12 pm 
Max Contributor
Max Contributor
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Wow! Well they say there is more then one way to skin a cat.
Thx for sharing.

Myself, I have little to no problem running a reset using my old xp laptop with the recovery and software disks copied to folders on the desktop so it doesn't have to access the dvd drive.
I disable the wireless nic and boot up in safe mode with networking.

I fire up the recovery.exe and follow the instructions, turn on the server, wait for the red/blue/red/blue/red/blue three times and then press and release the tiny button in the front tiny little hole. Then click ok and we are off to the races.

About 45 mins later I am in the windows updates and HP updates.

I could have one reloaded and updated in the time it took for you to build and gather all that stuff.
when yours is done yours may be very much easier/faster/surer. So again, thx for sharing.

I am going to reset two X-510's this weekend to see if the HP updates and windows updates are still coming, it may be the last chance to get them ready before Microsoft end of cycles and stops everything on them.
Then all we will have is the cloning, which I'm not a fan of. But may come to that.

Good Luck and enjoy. Time is running out for these awesome little servers. :-(

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