HP EX490 issues. Question and Plex 2017
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Author:  cirrus [ Fri Apr 07, 2017 7:12 am ]
Post subject:  HP EX490 issues. Question and Plex 2017

I have the EX490 running 8TB. That's 4Drives at 2TB a piece.

I want to upgrade the other drives to bigger drives maybe 4 or 6TB a piece or mix and match. I'm currently running a storage pool.

Is it possible and correct me if I'm wrong and could you also help with this.

Can I RAID 5 the entire server and if a lose a disk I'll be fine until I replace it. Only concern is what if that drive is the OS drive? What happens to the DATA and how can I get it up and running fast?

I'm running Windows Server 2012 essentials. I also have that VGA adapter to connect a monitor, mouse and keyboard.

Also sometimes when I remote the NIC card doesn't came online it has the yellow exclamation point. So I need to disable the NIC and reenable and that's fixes it. Any idea how to fix this permanently?

Thank you all for the help.

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Author:  Gardian [ Sat Apr 08, 2017 3:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HP EX490 issues. Question and Plex 2017

Hello, you have muli questions and I will do the best I can, others can jump in and fill in the blanks.
Since you have the vga adapter and are running 2012,
1) yes you can use larger drives and depending on how full they are right now, you may be able to swap out a small drive for a larger one, one at a time, you may need to use a usb or esata external drives temporarily plugged in if you don't have the space.
2) as far as "raid" that would be something that "might" be used on the os drive, you are already using raid "storage pool" is windows raid so your data is already raided. I have my OS driver mirrored with 2 ssd drives, the data I use stablebit drive pool.
3) the nic card probably needs a newer/better driver for it. You might search the whs 2011 or win 2012 threads for nic drivers suggestions.
4) I did not see a question about Plex which I don't use, I use serviio instead.

All this being said, everyone IMHO needs to have at least one extra copy of the data you can't lose outside of the server in case all else fails and with windows it will, it's just a matter of time.

I keep 3 copies, 2 outside of the server and one of those is offsite. Overkill yes, costly yes, but i will not use the cloud and I will not lose 30 years of data.

Good Luck Hope this helps.

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