Thinking of Selling EX490 to build DIY WHS
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Author:  raf051888 [ Sat Jan 29, 2011 11:31 am ]
Post subject:  Thinking of Selling EX490 to build DIY WHS

I'm considering selling my EX490 to build a DIY box. I would like some advice on parts and also a fair price for my EX490. [I was considering around $425 shipped].

Parts I'm considering:

MSI G41M-P34 - I checked on MSI's website, they have XP [32-bit] drivers available.
Intel Pentium Dual-Core E6500 - This would be a big step up for the Celeron 450 in my EX490. Processor Comparision
4GB of DDR3
1TB WD Cavair Blue @ 7200rpm

I currently have:
WHS License
Apevia SFF Case
1TB WD Green HD [this is adv. format, but I'm not having any issues with it]

The case and PSU would be fine for now. I would probably upgrade the case and PSU later this year, or when needed. I'm currently only running 2 x 1TB drives and have 1.2TB free. Any advices / suggestions will be appreciated.

Author:  Comp1962 [ Sat Jan 29, 2011 2:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Thinking of Selling EX490 to build DIY WHS

A DIY Build is always an exciting task and for some they know exactly what they want while others find themself stumbling abit. Based on what you have already mention your needs do not appear to be all that great that is to say right now. I can tell you that if you plan on streaming your media then its a different ball game.

The best thing I can tell you is to identify the reasons why you want to build your own server and to look if possible down the road to see where you might take it and then work around those parameters to work on your build to satisfy your needs today and still have room to grow.

Others have posted information about their builds and actually posted messages about their build from the very start and continue to post about their builds. These post also include the issues that they had to over come be it in the driver or component areas but its all good reading. Many of those builds are for larger sever systems but it doesn't matter the size as much as the experience. If you read those posts you will see what some took into consideration in terms of required performance for the applications they knew in advance they were going to utilize the server for.

I myself have several HP MediaSmart Servers I continue to keep online both on and off site. I have build some smaller Mini ITX Servers for various applications but for my primary server I chose to purchase an offlease HP ProLiant and repurposed it. I wanted a particular hardware configuration and the unit I found had everything I wanted but because it was a 1U server the hard drive enclosure had to be external but I do have enough room to expand and support the 32 drive limitation that WHS can support. I do not think I will ever utilize more then 20 drives but at one time I use to thing 4 was plenty then I hit 8 and today in that one server I am at 13.

So I do not mean to talk about my setups to say look at what I have vs others but to simply demonstrate that where you start off may not be where you end up so I encourage you to give this some thought. Its always best to invent the wheel once not several times but reinventing the wheel can be fun but over time it can be expensive so chose wisely and provide yourself a means to grow as your needs grow and you will do well.

Sometimes I envy those who are able to keep their servers small and keep them very comfortable. Its not the size but more so what you actually do with it and that it serves your needs both today and in the future. Here is a link to a write up I did not to long ago that discusses the Buy or Build Debate. ... er-debate/

Whatever you chose to do I wish you the best and hope that your build serves you well for many years to come. Its and exciting time I know and there is nothing better then to have something you can say you built and be proud out.

Author:  Comp1962 [ Sat Jan 29, 2011 3:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Thinking of Selling EX490 to build DIY WHS

Check out this case as I believe its more versitile then the one your looking at:

I actually have a couple similar cases I am currently using and here is a link to show you the two cases in a side by side comparison.


Author:  raf051888 [ Sat Jan 29, 2011 7:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Thinking of Selling EX490 to build DIY WHS

I would love a mini iTx build. I have been looking at LIAN LI PC-Q08B, but that wouldn't be cost effective for me due to the cost of mItx components. The main reasons, I'm looking to do this are to address the streaming issues I'm having due to the Celeron processor and add some flexibility to my home server.

Author:  Comp1962 [ Sat Jan 29, 2011 10:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Thinking of Selling EX490 to build DIY WHS

There are some very nice Mini-ITX boards out there. One that caught my eye recently was the Zotac 880GITX-A-E because its can easily support a wider range of quad core processors and has addional features that should you not chose to use it for a server it could be eaily be repurposed for other applications. I think its a very respectable board for a Mini ITX if you like AMD processors. ... -_-Product

Author:  raf051888 [ Sun Jan 30, 2011 7:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Thinking of Selling EX490 to build DIY WHS

Thats the same board I was looking at if I was going to have a mItx build. I couldn't justify the extra cost just for the size. I may wait a while and save up so I can proceed with the miTx build, because that LIAN LI PC-Q08B case allows for 6 hard drives, while using a standard size PSU. The 1yr warranty on my ex490 is about to end and I am concerned about the price if I need to replace a part.

How long have you been running your ex470s? I have had a change of heart and considering just going to an E6600. Which should be a big step up from the Celeron 450.

Author:  Comp1962 [ Sun Jan 30, 2011 11:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Thinking of Selling EX490 to build DIY WHS

I got my first EX470 back in the summer of 2008. I took like the MSS form factor and discovered I really like and enjoy the Mini-ITX as well. The first Mini-ITX board I purchased was ZOTAC GF6100-E-E to build a Mini Server to test Vail out with, but today its running WHS v1 and is setup to be a FTP, Video Confrence and for Client Backups of Computer I work on for others. ... -_-Product

I also buit a unit to replace my big box ATX using the Zotac GF8200-C-E Mini-ITX Board. ... -_-Product

Now the board I brought to your attention can support 95w Processors so you have a wider range of processors to chose from especially in the Quad Core area and I will most likely be purchasing one very soon. The two boards above can support upto 65w Processors.

If you want something to support all the drives you can install in the case your looking at then you will need to find a card that can be used to support the additional drives using a PCI Express x1 card which I have used previously for eSATA.

Anyway you have lots of choices to look at and Mini-ITX is not a solution for everyone but for those who want a small form factor its pretty good.

Author:  raf051888 [ Mon Jan 31, 2011 9:01 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Thinking of Selling EX490 to build DIY WHS

I'm made a decision. I'm going to upgrade to the E6600, then do a server restore. If I'm still having streaming issues, I'm going to do a mini iTX build. Thanks for the advice.

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