Help (Urgent)! Where to fan replacement 70mm fan for LX195?
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Author:  to1337ca [ Sun Mar 10, 2013 2:12 pm ]
Post subject:  Help (Urgent)! Where to fan replacement 70mm fan for LX195?

This weekend, my HP LX195 starts to shut down randomly and repeatedly. Eventually, I found out that the fan inside is only turning on intermittently (even when the setting in BIOS is set to always on). I think the fan needs to be replaced. The specs are:

Name/Model: AVC DA07015B12L
Dimensions: 70mm x 70mm x 15mm (length x width x height)
Pin: 4-pin (not 3-pin; very important).

I have checked all of my local stores and cannot find one. Likewise online with major retailers (in Canada).

Can someone please help? If you are suggesting an online retailer, please include your assessment of the reliability of the website and the retailer.

Author:  Comp1962 [ Sun Mar 10, 2013 5:19 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Help (Urgent)! Where to fan replacement 70mm fan for LX1

What your looking for is a PWM or Pulse Width Modulated fan which is indicated by the 4 wire configuration. Now Newegg has one but the reviews complain about the noise level ... 6835119150. I would not hesitate to purchase anything from Newegg. I have used them many times and have never had an issue with them.

CWC appears to have the exact fan your looking for: ... 5b12l.html However I have never used them before so I can not comment on them.

I tried to look up the specs on the AVC DA07015B12L but was unable to find what I was looking for like the Noise Level, CFM (Amount of air the fan can move) and how much current the fan requires to operate. What you do not want to do is install a fan with a lower CFM rating or one which draws to much power.

Author:  to1337ca [ Sun Mar 10, 2013 11:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Help (Urgent)! Where to fan replacement 70mm fan for LX1

Thank you for your tips. I, too, located those same sources before I posted here.

I am wondering if you know of any user who may have a spare fan to sell to me from a discarded LX195. Alternatively, is there anywhere I can post to make such an inquiry?

Lastly, my local computer stores sell several types of 70mm fans with 3-pin connector (no PWM). Can I use those instead if I cannot source a replacement? What ratings do I need to watch out for to make that the fan will not fry the server motherboard.

Author:  Comp1962 [ Mon Mar 11, 2013 10:49 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Help (Urgent)! Where to fan replacement 70mm fan for LX1

If you examine the fan in your LX195 it should have the power specs Voltage and Amps. You will want to stay within those specs but the other key factor is the CFM which reflects the amount of air the fan can move. If you can find this information out then you can chose a viable replacement. If you can find out the CFM Rating and then get a fan with a higher CFM rating but still with in the same power specs then that would be great but you may also experience more fan noise in the process.

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