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Author:  IanH [ Thu Oct 22, 2020 6:51 pm ]
Post subject:  RAM MAX?

Hey.....going to start by saying thanks for keeping this going.

Been a while.

But, with a little help resolved why my EX475 wouldn't boot despite power and hving good drives!
Damn Battery.
Moving on. Gonna take the opportunity to tweak everything under the hood given the wealth of videos and support out there that got me this far.

So, RAM?
2GB DDR2 667 DIMM - 728ms-728-G ? Is there another way to describe this because I'm not getting a lot of selection. Maybe it's old school? Any hints?

Fans....these are 8 mm? Anything special about them. One is not working.

CPU. Since I have it all apart, a new CPU might be worthwhile.
Given it's 12 years old...whats the max CPU I can pop in...and where might I find it?

And again,....thanks for the support folks...

I'm not a total newbie...I did manage to take this thing apart and get to all the items and get it back together and back running but now I want to hot rod make my effort worth while and get another 12 years out of it!!!

BTW since the power supply is running fine but may not last 12 more years...what is the spec for it? Is it a standard item cuz it seems pretty compact compared to the PSUs I've seen in regular computers.

Again thanks./

Author:  Ruben Rocha [ Sat Oct 24, 2020 11:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: RAM MAX?

ram 4GB is max due to the os.
But the cas rating is what gives you the most bang for the buck.
But they are all obsolete so they get harder to find at a cheap price.

CPU is hard to say.
You have give and take for several models.
To high a tdp then the fans run high.
Also some need a bios setting change.

There are lot's of articles here for all the items in question.
The most cuurent ones probably will be by lioninstreet.
So search in his posts.
He has done a lot of current testing

Fans are everywhere but hard to select the one that works the best.
DB(sound) over rpm.

If you had a ex-490 I could answer all of your questions.

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