Looking for SMI USB Files and a Gen 4 debug board
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Author:  xizorbg [ Fri Apr 24, 2020 4:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Looking for SMI USB Files and a Gen 4 debug board

Hi Guys-

Alex K kindly helped me to try to do some research on getting my old ex 470 back up. It will get to recovery but no matter what I cannot reinstall the OS. I am considering a lot of options, including WHS 11 and Ubuntu and so forth once I get it back up. Meantime I was wondering 3 things:

1). Does anyone have a Gen 4 or even Gen 3 debug board?

2). Does anyone have a working link for the SMI USB files (just in case)?

3) Does anyone recommend a good program for mac for deep surface scanning HDDs to assess for integrity?

I have used DiskDrill to GREAT success and managed to pull some old pix of the drives, much to my wife's delight! (been in dog house for YEARS) when it crashed.

I am willing to send and burn the recovery discs to anyone who helps! And pay a reasonable price for the board! Thank you all for all of your support - I have been a lurker for a really long time - and as Alex pointed out, this is my first post!

Stay safe everyone!


Author:  yakuza [ Mon Apr 27, 2020 9:30 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Looking for SMI USB Files and a Gen 4 debug board

Personally I wouldn't invest more time and money into the EX470. I still have my EX495 running but that's a couple years newer with better hardware.

You don't talk about what errors you get when trying to do the recovery, we may be able to help if you post what you've tried and what errors you get.

I'm not aware of any links for the SMI USB files, and I don't recall ever personally having seen them go corrupted. Do you need the Server Recovery disk or do you have that?

Can't help you with the Mac, sorry.

Author:  lioninstreet [ Tue May 05, 2020 7:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Looking for SMI USB Files and a Gen 4 debug board

Rare that a 470 has a SMI driver failure. But if your fairly confident that's your issue, it's probably still easier to upgrade to a 49x since the alternative is buying a USB LAN adapter to get the OS in. And I cant help but think that whs11 running on a bone stock 470 might be disappointing.
The chance of finding a debug board is pretty low. But If you need video, you'll probably still find a video conversion cable on fleabay. A keyboard will run from one of the usb ports.

I cant help you with the Mac program either. What's the issue you're encountering with the 470 recovery?

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