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PostPosted: Tue Jul 05, 2016 9:56 am 

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This is the third time I have needed to replace the system disk. I have a new 2TB Green drive installed. I am using an old HP running Windows XP, and an old Linksys WT54g. The XP computer is wireless connected to my WRT 1900AC which is hardwired to the router then to cable ISP. Except for the new router, all is the same.

I have successfully recovered the first two times. This go around, it goes through the entire process, the first time taking most of the day as I assume is rebuilding the files structure on the other 3x 2TB drives. In the end, it fails because it can't find the internet connection. However, I have Mozilla open displaying the NY Times. I hit refresh and it does.

Investigation work:
I used a Sabrent USB to SATA connector to the system drive. The poor thing could hardly spin, suspected that that was the only problem.

Any help appreciated.
Plan B is to take off what I can. Is there any other software I can install to use the hardware? I did do the full RAM upgrade when I fist bought the machine in 2007.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.



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PostPosted: Tue Jul 05, 2016 11:52 am 
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Wow, sorry to hear. ](*,)
Picking the very best drive to become your system drive is hard to do. So many choices and price ranges, not to mention speeds and drive temps.
From my signature you can tell which two drives I use. I really prefer the WD Reds and I buy the Samsung Pro SSD for my clients pc's. Have had great luck with both.

I personally have seen a lot of problems with the green drives, but some would say otherwise, so I don't want to get that started.

But getting down to your recovery, if I understand you are getting most of the way through, but at some point it thinks it loses network connection?
I believe you said you were using a usb Nic which would be my first choice for possible problem (drivers not kicking in) (system getting confused which Nic to use).. Just guesses.
If you are using a usb Nic, is it because the built in is broken?

Also, doing a recovery using a wireless connection is not ideal, I believe I have always used a wire and turned off the wireless on the PC till it was done. Might help?

I have not had very good luck with server Recoveries, which is why I do non-pooled backups of the shares Bi-monthly and if I have a main drive fail, I pull all the drives and do a reset, then restore/copy back the data from my backups.
The first time I didn't have backups, so just had to pull the data from the drives with another pc with a usb to sata dock. It really takes about the same time and I like a fresh/clean system.

Doing the reset you would have to do all the re-configuring of users, addin and such, but for me it's worth it.

Hopefully some of this might help, no direct answer - sorry. But wish you the best of luck. Shout out if I got anything wrong or you have other info.
Good luck I wish you well in getting they system up and running.

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