HP EX470 SMI Files and recreating the hidden flash area
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Author:  lioninstreet [ Thu Dec 06, 2018 10:36 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: HP EX470 SMI Files and recreating the hidden flash area

You mentioned you did a chkdsk and it passed. Your shares are not being seen and the connector wont let you into the server? Is the server icon on the terminal grey or red?

Problem is, a solid red health light typically indicates failed HDD. I'm guessing you already checked the health code error using this method?

This will help to better isolate the issue. Using a terminal that doesn't have a connector, try the following with your existing SYS disk:

1. Disable any antivirus and all three firewall properties on the terminal found in Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Administrative Tools\Windows Firewall With Advanced Security\Windows Firewall Properties
2. Connect a LAN cable directly between the server and the terminal
3. Run the Server Recovery disk and see if you can begin the process of a server recovery (not a factory reset). Try to take it thru to the place where the server is found and you can choose recovery or reset. If it fails the first time, try a few more. These little servers can be finicky.
4. if you choose to run the recovery, make sure you have your DATA disks installed so the recovery recognizes them and puts them in the pool.

But before you rule out a disk entirely, see if you can pickup a decent 3.5" 80 - 160 gb HDD off of ebay just to make sure your HDD isn't at issue. Get one that the seller has tested with Seatools or WD data lifeguard, not just something that had a crystal disk run on it. That will cost maybe $10. If cost is no object, grab another drive the same size as your existing SYS drive. Try to do a factory reset install with using the same above process.

If the server still cant be found, this should give you some reasonable assurance you are either dealing with either a failed Lan Port or as you are thinking a failed SMI.

This link may help as well. viewtopic.php?f=3&t=14065&p=102177&hilit=SMI+files#p102177

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