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PostPosted: Sun Apr 10, 2011 9:30 pm 
.5TB storage
.5TB storage

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1. As an exclusive Mac user, if I trust the files that I'm putting on my MSS, do I even need to worry about anti-virus on the server itself? (for example, can Windows viruses that I might somehow pick up just sit on my Mac waiting and then jump to the server?)

2. Would it be possible for my roommates to accidentally infect the server even if I've only given them read-only access?

Thanks in advance for any responses.


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PostPosted: Mon Apr 11, 2011 11:30 am 
1.5TB storage
1.5TB storage

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In general. WHS is a server. You should not be using any server as a "desktop", surfing the web on it, writing emails, or other daily tasks on any "server". Also, many people use the WHS with torrent and Usenet apps on them downloading crap from the Internet (many times pirated files). that's a great way to pick up a virus on a server.

As long as you are not in that group above and you don't install antivirus on the server. You "could be OK" if your clients are all running anti virus/ anti malware. If you are in that group above, install AV now!

if the windoze PC's are read only and the users have no administrative rights. for most viruses, again you should be ok.

Personally, I would still recommend running AV on any server. that's where you keep your files, I assume you have them there because you wish to "keep them". antivirus is an added step to help ensure "that you keep them"

Personally I run antivirus on my all my servers and all my clients (except my mac and yes macs can get viruses).

In the past i have gotten client viruses that killed my client antivirus and the servers would not let me copy infected files to the server. That was because i had anti virus installed on the servers. There are few very few worm type viruses these days that travel across your network. but they do exist and several rely on you doing something stupid like running an app that installs a root backdoor.

one thing antivirus on the server WONT stop; If you have mapped drives to the server with write access and you get malicious software that deletes all files off all drives. those files on the server will be erased also. That is one reason i do not map drive letters to server shares that are not backed up. Duplication wont help there either.

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