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Author:  DrCloud [ Wed May 20, 2015 8:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Resurrection

Hello, all -- As a first post, starting a thread, even, I guess I should briefly introduce myself before getting on topic.

"DrCloud" isn't about the relatively recent innovation of "cloud" computing, it's about my graduate education (long, long ago): I got a PhD in clouds, those fluffy things in the sky. I first built an 8086/7 computer in about 1987 from parts, which experience made me unafraid to take computer boxes apart and mess around. Carefully.

I bought an HP EX-487 in 2009, for centralized archiving of various personal files (I've never used any of the other WHS bells and whistles). It's performed quite well ever since, so I never needed the knowledge-base that this site provides. In other words, it's been a great piece of equipment, even taking over pushing data from my backyard weather station out to the web. It's now got 4 x 2TB drives in it, however, so somewhere along the line I must have migrated the OS to a new drive.

I searched out the site and decided to register here because Microsoft recently announced the end of support for the Window Server edition on which WHS v.1+ is based. I've kept my original OEM distribution of the OS updated over the years, and it's worked just fine. But no more support, or security upgrades,is too scary for me.

So: what to do with a headless computer with 8TB of storage? Obviously, one option is to ditch it according to the new ditching rules (which, although well-intentioned, are a nuisance: can't just put it in the trash anymore).

Well, thanks to this site, I got educated about the possibilities.

With that Gen4 Debug Board, a 4GB memory card, and a new installation of Win7x64 Pro (which supports hosting the Remote Desktop Connection), it's better than ever. And it's thanks to this site's owner & operators & contributors that I was able to do all this. Throwing stuff out sucks. You rock! HPH

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