EX485 Hard Drive Failure
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Author:  welchen [ Wed Oct 22, 2014 6:56 am ]
Post subject:  EX485 Hard Drive Failure

I'm a proud owner of a Mediasmart server for several years, the problem is I had a hard drive crash and tried to remove it from the server database but after 24 hours it was stuck at the 90 -95 % completion point and never moved from there.
Is there quick and easier way to remove a drive from the server console?

I should also mention if I force the shutdown of the server I'm able to login to console and restart this process, but I still only get to this stage. I also no longer have the drive that failed. but even when I did I never got any further than this even after 2 days.

File comment: screenshot of current state of hard drive removal.
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Author:  Comp1962 [ Fri Oct 24, 2014 7:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: EX485 Hard Drive Failure

I don't want to make any assumptions but I see in your pic what appears to be 4 drives in the server marked as healthy and 1 missing drive which maybe the result of your physically removing the drive and then replacing the drive to add additional capacity and then you selected the drive for removal. Am I correct in this and if not please do correct me.

As for the removal process its even painfully long when it goes well. Unfortunately you have to allow WHS to remove the drive. I will also add that just because WHS reports the drives as being healthy that it may not actually be the case. WHS looks at the file system and on occasion does run a CHKDSK to help it to determine the health of the drive but this applies to the file system so WHS is only telling you half the story because its not looking at the physical condition of each drive. There is software that can be installed on WHS that can read the physical health of the hard drives one such ADD-IN is HomeServerSMART Classic which is free.

The one thing about WHSv1 is its extremely sensitive to drive conditions and after all its all about the drives in any server but if you happen to have another drive acting up it could be the cause of your problem.

The other thing worth mentioning is if you happen to have the newer Advanced Format Drives or AF Drives and there is a ton of information on the site about those. Some are plug and play others need jumpers others need alignment and what you need to do to run them in a Legacy OS like WHSv1 varies with each manufacturer and sometimes the model which is why I do not mention specifics about them and for the most part do not make recommendations on which drives you should use in your server. I still run WHSv1 but if I need a drive I can move an older drive from one of my older servers and install it in a WHSv1 server so for me I try to avoid the AF Drives although I have tried some drives which are 512e meaning they emulate the 512b sector size.

I am surprised no one has chimed in here. I did see your post the day you posted it but I was busy with a retro project I have been working on and thought someone would of assisted you but you have my attention so lets see if we can sort out this issue if it still exists.

Author:  Comp1962 [ Fri Oct 24, 2014 8:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: EX485 Hard Drive Failure

It just hit me. I see you have Mcafee Total Protection installed. Now this software tends not to play 100% well with WHS in that it will lock out or quarantine files and when this happens it can cause issues with WHS and one of the things you may or may not have seen is that WHS Reporting files being left open and to have the application which has the files open to close them. McAfee was doing this to me many years ago and it drove me crazy because it was quarantining files which were perfectly safe.

McAfee is no longer supported for WHS but if it has files locked or quarantined it could be the cause of your drive removal getting stuck because WHS may not be able to properly access the files to move or copy them to another drive. This should of come to mind right away but unfortunately I am getting too old so delays are expected.

Personally I would remove McAfee but if you want to keep it then somewhere in there and I wish I could remember where there is a menu where you can look at the files it has locked or quarantined and then I believe you can change that status or possibly delete the files all together. See if that works. I am almost certain McAfee is at play here.

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