Sad day for me
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Author:  COPC [ Thu Jun 23, 2011 8:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Sad day for me

I sent my 485 into fry's due to HD failure and High temps. It was still cover under the 3yr warranty I had. Got a call telling me that it is unrepairable, and they want to offer me a open box LX195? I told them no I was not taking a downgrade for a open, let alone new one. I asked for store credit for the cost of my 485, then maybe I can build a DIY'r. At least my 470 is still up and running.

Author:  Comp1962 [ Sun Jun 26, 2011 10:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Sad day for me

Hey COPC sorry to hear about your troubles. As you well know drives can be replaced and if its just a temperature issue then a change of fans could remedy the temp issue unless of course the sensors are the actual issue and not the fans or the temps..

You may want to install higher rated CFM fans and just let them run full speed. Of course the more air thats moved so to goes with the noise levels but if you have your server located in a remote location of the house where noise is not an issue then you could retro fit some big air movers that will keep the server cool. Typical 80mm fans move something like 15-35cfm but there are some that are rated for 84cfm and some have a speed controller which will allow you to balance air flow and noise levels but you would have to find a way to mount the POT.

Of course there is another more simpler approach to helping cool things down and its not exatly pretty but it does work and I use these fans in front of my Port Multipliers on Sun Night when all my hard drives are going to be defragged to help keep them cool. I have these small 4" fans that I place infront of the units with their doors open and blow air into the PM's. I have also done this with EX470's when the temps were going high and the existing case fans were not enough to keep the temp down even with Alexes Fan Speed Control. Now there is nothing wrong with Alexes program it works great but at this particular time my EX470 with a BE2300 was running hot due to a quirk in the HP Software that I could not resolve until I performed a server recovery and now its running fine. I picked up a bunch of these fans at of all places Walgreens and when they ran out of them I found similar fans at Target although the ones at Target were less expensive. So your looking at a $6-10 item that may just help keep your server running.

As for the hard drive it may just be better to replace it if its a problem. Personally I never use a retailers extended waranty this is often better done on the OEM side but over time as things go out of manufacture they will often try to replace or substitue the item with another as you have indicated.

The last thing I would mention is the COA Key on the bottom of the EX485 has value in that you can actually use it to install WHS-OEM on another unit and while the OS is not as cool looking as what you see on the MSS its still WHS and as by now you know can do most of what the HP MSS Software does with other software. So while it maybe a sad day for you, it can be turned around and become a much brighter day.

Just food for thought here and if for some reason your EX485 is beyond the point of salvaging then why not purchase a CFI-B43PM backplane and convert it to become an MSS PortMultiplier to run along side of your EX470 and if this is of interest to you then here is how you go about doing the conversion. ... enclosure/

Author:  COPC [ Sun Jun 26, 2011 6:58 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Sad day for me

Thanks for the help, If it was just replacing the drive, that would be easy, but no drives would let the OS install, they all failed. So that was pointing me to a board issue.

So it looked like a

Board issue
Drive issue
Fan or fan sensor issues

Since I had the warranty I was not going to dump money into something troubleshooting it to get a 485 that cost 2x the price, LOL

got word back from Fry's it is Un-repairable. They wanted me to take LX195 as a replacement, it was even an open box. This goes to show you how retailers have no idea what they are selling.

I told them NO, I will not take a one drive unit that can not compare to my 4bay unit and sells for 1/2 the price, let alone its open box and the only one they have w/ no warranty.

They then wanted to exchange it for a desktop unit, I said I want a server, that is what I bought. I build my own desktops, so there is no need. I requested a refund since they can not exchange for a replacement or like product. (They did not carry any WHS units anymore).

I got word back, that they are working on the paperwork for my refund. So I will call them Monday to make sure how much they are giving me, then it might be time to build my own. I do have a brand new copy of WHS around here somewhere that Alex gave me long ago.

I just need to put together a nice low watt/heat/sound unit with multiple drives. There is plenty of stuff out there and topics here to guide my way. But if anyone has suggestions on components for a low watt/heat/sound unit.


I would be interested in your ideas.

I will post the results of this deal with fry's for others to learn by, then when I start building, I will create a thread in the other forum for that.

Author:  COPC [ Sat Jul 02, 2011 6:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Sad day for me

Waiting for unit to be shipped back to Fry's store then I get to go in for my refund. Then I can start looking at what to build! :cheers:

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