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Author:  tns1 [ Mon Feb 15, 2016 1:02 pm ]
Post subject:  Playing flv

HP Ex475 WHSv1 MSSv3

Many videos are now only in flv. I can easily download these on a pc and transfer to the server, but this format is not recognized by either Twonkey or hp video converter. As I understand it, flv and mkv are just different container formats so the conversion would not be intensive. The hp converter wiki talks about adding flv to the recognized formats, but you still need the recode/re-containerize sw. The keepvid site does not seem to perform this function.

Is there a plugin or codec for the Ex475 that will allow it to play flv natively?
How about an update to allow hp video converter to do flv->mkv?

Author:  tns1 [ Wed Feb 17, 2016 11:03 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Playing flv

Following the wiki, I have installed the klite codec pack: ... _Converter

I first tested it on my desktop machine, and it enabled me to play flv using WMP. I installed it on my HP server, and checked that the flv extension was present in the appropriate registry entries.
There is no "HP transcoding service". There are a bunch of services related to the hpserver, but none mentioning transcoding or arcsoft.

After doing this and rebooting, the HP video converter did attempt to convert flv files, but it always fails with the message, "The video's format cannot be converted (Video: H264 Audio: RAAC)".
When installing the codec pack it asks to be associated with a player. There is no option to select the arcsoft service if that matters, so I selected the WMP classic that is part of the install. This player is not able to play flv files either.


Author:  Ruben Rocha [ Thu Feb 18, 2016 2:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Playing flv

From the notes on the link you provided:
The Video Converter is a feature that was delivered in the 2.5 Software Update for the EX485 and EX487 MediaSmart Servers. It has not been made available by HP for use on the EX470 and EX475 MediaSmart Servers.

Author:  tns1 [ Thu Feb 18, 2016 6:50 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Playing flv

Now that you point it out, I do see that comment in the wiki. Back when I upgraded I recall many posts describing EX470/475 upgrades to either mss2.5 or mss3.0, or even newer versions of whs. The discs as I recall were available either as a purchase from HP or used, with the only caveat being more RAM was needed. The last update for these boxes was years ago, and the EX470/475 is basically unsupported regardless of what it is running, and I imagine the 485/487 is in the same boat.

Back to the question, if I had an EX485 with mss3.0 and I followed the wiki, would I be able to get flv to convert/stream?

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