Mentor needed to help setup WMC and Dish STB
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Author:  ossodiseppia [ Wed Jan 21, 2015 11:10 am ]
Post subject:  Mentor needed to help setup WMC and Dish STB

I've been struggling with getting things working since the day I bought a Hauppauge HD-PVR. No laughing, please, but I've had the thing for over 5 years and have tried and tried off and on. :crazy: I see postings all over the place of slick setups and read that folks have gotten a great experience from their setups. I would very much like the same thing.

There were the few occasions when I actually got things to work, but when the pc would go to sleep, it would shut off the the HD-PVR. It only took me 5 years to figure that one out. :roll: No laughing, please. On occasion, I would get it to work with SageTV. But, sometime last summer, the recordings started getting washed out like the brightness and contrast were altered. I found the controls in TotalMediaExtreme and would reset to Default. Reopening SageTV would change those settings back. :werd:

Since XBMC/Kodi has devloped a PVR, I want to get my HD-PVR to work with my Dish STB just like everyone else on the planet. How hard can it be? In the last days, I've tried several backends, NextPVR, DVBlink (yuk) and ServerWMC. I had XBMC working with ServerWMC for a short period of time, but it finally stopped working. I don't remember the error message exactly. As of this morning, I couldn't even get the HD-PVR to work with the supplied software from Arctsoft. ](*,)

So, I've elected to remove everything and start from scratch. Later this week, after :beerme: I'll follow the procedure to set up HD-PVR following the "installation guide" supplied by Hauppauge in their release notes. If anyone has any tips or tricks to getting this done, please share.

I certainly would appreciate someone stepping up to help. Thanks for reading my long post.


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