10muse + pch-c200
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Author:  george7523 [ Sat Oct 26, 2013 4:44 am ]
Post subject:  10muse + pch-c200

Hello I just got 10muse to finally work on my pch c-200 + ipad (2nd gen). However i've got a few lingering questions. Hoping someone more knowledgeable can clarify some things for me. thanks in advance.

1) in the 10muse library manager, under "settings" tab and to the right there is a setting labelled "send to client settings" which is suppose to enable library manager to trigger playback directly on the popcorn machine. For the life of me, I cannot find any button in the library manager that let's me do this. am i missing something ? I am mostly interested in "show command" option where I assume will let me see the path being used to trigger the playback ?

2) I understand in order for 10muse to gain access to c-200's harddisk, the nmt samba must be installed and turned on. In order to do this, popcorn hour forces reformatting the drive into ext3. This can be quite inconvient. Is it possible to avoid this step ? In the case of the pch c-200 which lacks USB Slave slot, by taking out its internal harddrive (NTFS to begin with) and plugging it into the PC via USB, or in the case of pch A-200/300/400 which has a USB slave which then can just be plugged into pc. which option in the library manager would i choose (simple or local storage) to make the paths translate correctly ? or does the library manager have to read the movies location across network ?

3) in the "MoviesLibrary.s3db" file, how are the field value "Movie_Path_and_Filename" and "path_PH" related ? does the value of "path_PH" the only field that decides where the playback takes place ?
if so, by changing its value from
can i now play from the usb drive instead of the internal drive. assuming both files exist.

4) I understand PCH A-series are not supported. Is this a software incompatiblity or a hardware one ? Is it possible to make it work by changing the path inside the file "MoviesLibrary.s3db" ?

thanks very much to anyone who has any input to this !

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