Server now similar to a black rectangular rock
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Author:  Jerryrigged [ Wed Aug 13, 2008 11:31 pm ]
Post subject:  Server now similar to a black rectangular rock

I apologize if this is the wrong area for this post. Most of the posts I've looked at imply that people are MANUALLY installing these updates. I have not done any manual updates, but I believe the server is automatically updating.

The WHS Console screen shows (or "showed" since I cannot use the console software anymore) that there were updates late July. Now, the server, when it works at all is quite slow. When I stream movies to my PCs, I can seldom even connect, and when I do, the movies typically lock up in the first few seconds. My connector software on the various PCs around my house don't seem to be able to log in to the server. When I have been able to access my \software directory, it shows a folder with the HP software CD (I believe I copied the entire CD to that directory when I first set up my server), and there is a Connector Directory (looks more like the MICROSOFT connector software). This latter directory looks to contain some more recent files (of July vintage). Am I supposed to manually re-install the connector software? Should I have updated HP Connector Software, or updated Microsoft Connector Software?

By the way, I cannot Remote Desktop Connect to the server either!


Sorry if the answer to these questions are somewhere on the forum that I missed. I did look around quite a bit, but most of what I read was referring to updating Beta software, etc.

I have really liked the WHS (both my home-built OEM version and now the HP Mediasmart) - especially the easy backups and media streaming. Also the low maintenance and 'appliance' character.

Oh, by the way, I have 2GB of superfast RAM that has been in the Mediasmart since just after I bought it - 4 to 6 months ago!



UPDATE: I have not installed either of the new Add-ins (McAffee or PVCOnnect)

Author:  JohnBick [ Thu Aug 14, 2008 9:10 am ]
Post subject: 

You might RDP in and use the Task Mat is going on, but otherwise I would be inclined to wait a while for the process to complete. The upgrade takes a while.

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