Windows Home Server

Free time has been very sparse of late to get any writing done, but thought I would throw up a quick post in case anyone else runs in to a similar issue. Earlier this year I migrated over from WHSv1 to Windows Server 2012 Essentials. For the most part it has been a smooth transition […]

There is an ongoing debate within the Windows Home Server Community regarding Do It Yourself Build vs purchasing a ready to run Windows Home Server.  It is an interesting debate that I am sure at one time or another many of you have participated in.  Rather than discuss my personal thoughts and experiences I think […]

Let’s start off with a show of hands (or better yet Comments) – How many of you serve as the Tech Support person for your family and friends? A recent Slashdot article opened this topic and asked what people do to make the job easier. The responses varied, and the more popular ones I read […]

Computers have become a mandatory tool when it comes to running a business. The small business office can vary from a single PC used just for basic record keeping all the way up to several networked computers performing many different aspects of the business such as taking orders, providing customer support, software development, maintaining client […]

A few days ago Alex posed the question “How would you change the HP MediaSmart Server?”. As important as hardware is, you need the perfect compliment of software to really get the most out of your system. So naturally this brings up the next question, how would you change Windows Home Server? The next version […]

My primary MediaSmart Server EX475 had been not functioning correctly for a few weeks. This is the server I’ve had in production at home since late 2007, shortly before HP launched them for sale. It’s been backing up all the PCs in the house since that time, and I don’t really do any testing or […]

Update: This issue has been resolved by the release of Power Pack 3 for Windows Home Server. The Windows Home Server Backup Software is an excellent solution for backing up all the PCs in the home. It does incremental backups every night, stores a single copy of the files that exist on more than one […]

The site (as well as the handful of other sites I host for various friends and family) runs on a Linux server hosted in a data center (powered largely by windmills in Wyoming!). In order to safely back up all the important information collected on this site, such as the helpful and informative Wiki […]

I’ve been thinking about this question a lot ever since I first uncovered that the new MediaSmart Servers don’t support port multipliers on their eSATA port. HP has told me that the vast majority of their customers don’t use port multipliers on the eSATA port and so the removal of this feature from the MediaSmart […]

Todd on the WHS Team Blog is asking for input on possibly offering two versions of WHS in a future release, one for a “basic” household and one for an “advanced” household that would allow more computers and users to access the system. I’ve heard of at least one user on the forums with […]