I’m pleased to announce that long-time forum member and media streaming guru Damian “dbone1026″ Perez will be joining me as a contributing editor to the blog. Damian is well known to the members here primarily as one of the main sources of knowledge and help in the Media Streaming forum, especially for his excellent Media […]

I’m very proud to announce the birth of my second son, Zachary Darbie Kuretz. He was born on Friday July 24th at 11:40 AM, weighed 6 lbs 12 ounces, and was 20 1/4 inches long. It was an incredibly fast delivery, only 20 minutes after we arrived at the hospital, so very exciting and action […]

July 7th 2007 is the day I first registered the domain name, and on July 31st the forums went live. Things started incredibly slow, as can be expected when you’re running an enthusiast site for a product that didn’t yet exist, and I was the only person posting for about the first 3 months. […]

Many of you will remember a couple of months ago when this site had a few days of outages due to my (now previous) web hosting provider. Fortunately my good friend “Senor Guantes” stepped up and provided me a very nice setup that has had the site running faster and more smoothly than ever before. […]

There has been much discussion about the recent 2.5 Software Update for the EX48x MediaSmart Servers, with the overwhelming majority of the discussion coming from unhappy 1st generation EX47x MediaSmart Server owners who are disappointed that they will not be receiving the new features. In response to this feedback, on Friday April 24th HP sent […]

HP has granted me the exclusive rights to announce the upcoming release of their newest offering to the MediaSmart Server series of Windows Home Server systems. The GX3297 features bays for an astounding 32 internal hard drives, with an equal number of USB ports for external connectivity should the internal 64TB (using currently available 2GB […]

Many of you have observed the outages and downtime of the site over the past several days. This was due to an intended change where I was trying to move to a higher performance hosting solution to provide a better experience for the visitors. Unfortunately this process did not go smoothly at all and […]

Like many people, I maintain an online photo site that contains pictures of my family, special events, and our various day-to-day activities that I share with both local and remote relatives. Of the >13K digital photos backed up by my MediaSmart Server, I’ve published 1200 (and am behind by about 6 months ). I use […]

I recently made the switch from cable TV to satellite TV with DishNetwork, the TurboHD packages they have right now are pretty amazing compared to the Comcast offering, my monthly bill was cut in half for almost the same programming with a vastly superior DVR. But of course the switch away from Comcast couldn’t go […]

You’ve probably noticed by now that things have changed a little here at Rest assured, the changes are cosmetic and feature oriented, and the forums which are the heart of remain the same (though with a new color scheme and forum software upgrade). There may be issues with some passwords after the migration […]