For anyone who likes to keep a very close eye on their hard drives you may be interested in the new public beta of Home Server SMART 2012 that Matt has just put out. It adds a bunch more great features to the initial version for WHS v1 he put out almost exactly two years […]

A few months ago we heard the first preliminary news about Microsoft introducing Disk Pooling in the upcoming Windows Server 8. Microsoft have now posted an article on their Building Windows 8 blog that gives me some hope and confidence that they are seriously looking at making some sort of “Drive Extender” functionality available in the upcoming […]

A new version of the handy AdminiMe Add-In for Windows Home Server v1 has just been released by the guys over at ASoft. In a nutshell, AdminiMe is an Add-In that monitors aspects of your server with various forms of logging along with the ability to send regular emails to the user with a summary of […]

My first Windows Home Server lived in a beast of a case with plenty of room for 12 hard drives at a push, so when I decided to scale down and go the MediaSmart Server route it was a thought always in the back of my mind…. “What if I need more than 4 drives?” […]

It’s just a tiny little tick box buried in the HP server certification website but it’s still nice to see that HP is acknowledging that they know WHS 2011 is out there.  According to their website Windows Home Server 2011 is now officially supported on the HP Proliant MicroServer and they go so far as […]

With having my HP ex490 running just fine at home and being perfectly happy with WHS v1 for some time now I haven’t really paid much attention to the number of addins slowly becoming available for WHS 2011. But having recently picked up a copy of WHS 2011 at a fantastic price I’ve decided to […]

Most of the news out from HP recently has all been doom and gloom so it’s quite refreshing to see that someone in there is still focusing on something positive.  I’ve personally quite liked the look of the MicroServer and these new spec bumps make it that little bit nicer.

In WHS v1 terms the words “Power Pack” could often translate into “New Features” which, personally, is always exciting for me!  Power Pack 1 fixed the dreaded data integrity issues which will always be remembered as WHS V1′s rocky start to life,  but I think you’ll all agree the subsequent power packs did always appear […]

I’m sure all the avid tech readers out there would have picked up on this already but it’s been let slip that HP intend to discontinue operations in the WebOS device space.  And this is only a short year after HP paid a chunky $1.2 billion to purchase WebOS.  I have to say…

Microsoft have just made available a new add-in for Windows Small Business Server 2011 that should make the jobs of small business IT administrators a little easier.  The add-in gives administrators control of a number of items on any Windows 7 Professional PC connected to the server allowing them to ensure the clients are up […]