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by Damian on December 13, 2012 · 3 comments

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For those of you who roam around in the murky waters of Usenet (and if you do you probably already know this), the popular Usenet Index aggregation site NZBMatrix officially went off the air on Sunday. NZBMatrix does not host content for downloading, but instead provides a searchable index of content from various sources. It had become one of the most popular sites which obviously made it a target as well. What is interesting about all this is that Usenet/Newsgroups and torrenting were typically very private activity among a small closed group. As popularity and ease of access grew, this type of activity made its way into more of the mainstream. With the takedown of NZBMatrix as well as other more public sites, this doesn’t necessarily mean this type of activity will go away, but more likely it will go back to its original roots as part of smaller/private communities.


The End…

It is with our regret to announce that NZBMATRIX has closed.

We have had to make this decision due to a very large takedown request from a company called Wiggin LLC. These represent the following: Federation Against Copyright Theft Limited (“FACT”), Paramount Home Entertainment International Limited; Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Limited; The Walt Disney Company Limited; Twentieth Century Fox Film Company Limited; Universal Pictures (UK) Limited; Warner Bros. Entertainment UK Limited.

As everyone is aware we are DMCA/Takedown notice compliant, and always have been.
Once this notice is completed we are left with an impossible task of policing our indexing bots.  Even then it won’t stop there, there will be follow-up notices etc.

Coupled with this is problems with payment providers, we have been through pretty much everyone out there, in the end they all pull out.
There are massive server/bandwidth costs to pay, with the payments in-stability this is a very hard task.

NZBMATRIX has never been the subject of any legal issues or threats.

Also the Usenet Indexing scene is going through some changes, with content being removed from pretty much every provider its making the existence of an indexer irrelevant if the content does not even exists anymore.

So it’s time for us to bow out…

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robbin December 16, 2012 at 2:18 am

It’s a shame to see them gone, was my one favorite nzb indexing site.
Think it’s a matter of time before most of those big indexing sites will be sued away. Till that time I’ll be using and nzbindex.

Damian December 17, 2012 at 3:51 am

From digging around sites it appears everything is going back towards how it used to be (private/small groups)

Jon SEO January 13, 2013 at 12:25 pm

Such a shame, was one of my favourite sites too. Agree with Damian, theres a lot of closed doors, private groups offering similar things, its just finding your way in the has become difficult. Best of luck to all!


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