Media Browser 2.6.1 (Atlas SP1) Released

by Damian on August 27, 2012

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Another day, another Media Browser release :D . This time it is a small maintenance release (codename Atlas SP1). I haven’t been very active of late discussing HTPCs and related software, and much of that is due to some lost interest in the whole HTPC space. However, I started tinkering around with HTPCs again a few weeks ago for an outdoor project, so with that I hope to revisit Media Browser to see what is new (especially since a lot has changed, and some of it is a bit confusing on what direction to go in since many components are no longer free). For now, here is the link to the latest SP1 download and release notes:



This release includes mostly just bug fixes but also a couple of features including:

  • Enhanced support for other country rating systems. This should work much better now and give you the proper ratings to select in the parental control screens. We’ve included ratings for US, GB, AU and NL and others can be easily added by the user by creating a Ratings-[countrycode].xml in the Localization folder.
  • Support for customized default images. You should find a new “Default” directory under your IBN after install. Within it will be several directories under which you can place any of our valid image types (folder, backdrop, logo, etc.) and these images will be used for those types of items if no other is found.

To see the full list of changes and enhancements see here

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