WindowSMART 2012 Pre-Release Sale and Updated Home Server SMART

by Alex Kuretz on April 18, 2012

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Matt Sawyer of Dojo North Software has posted in the forums with the announcement of a new beta release of his Home Server SMART Add-In plus a special pre-release sale on the upcoming release his WindowSMART 2012 application. He is even handing out 5 free licenses to the first people to contact him. Home Server SMART is an invaluable tool when troubleshooting issues with your server and to give early warning in the event of impending hard drive issues, and the WindowSMART application will give the same benefit to your client PCs or other Windows servers.

Here’s an overview of his forum post, see the full post for all the details on the new release, special pricing, and even a discount for military service members.

As promised, Home Server SMART is and always will be free. WindowSMART, on the other hand, will be Shareware. WindowSMART will run for 30 days as a full-featured trial, after which it will need to be registered (purchase a license) or it will stop working. During the beta, this trial timer will NOT be enforced. If you purchase a license for WindowSMART before the production release, you will still need to update to the production release. July 31 is a hard-coded end for the beta builds.

5 FREE Home Office Licenses to Users!
I am offering 5 FREE Home Office licenses (a $20 value) to the community for WindowSMART 2012. Please send me a PM with your first and last name, business name (if you have one) and email address. The first 5 users to PM me will receive their free license via email. I will email your license in under 24 hours. Once all 5 licenses are given away, I’ll post the winners. Pre-Release License Sale!
I am offering a pre-release license sale – you can buy a WindowSMART license now, and it will be good for Beta 6, Release Candidate AND all production releases. Updates are free for life. If you would like to buy a license today, you can. Here are the licenses that are on sale:

Family/Home – $10 (regularly $15) – non-commercial home use; unlimited users at a single residential address
Home Office – $15 (regularly $20) – same as Family/Home except commercial use allowed
Small Business 1 – $40 (regularly $50) – up to 25 unique users at 1 location
Small Business 2 – $60 (regularly $75) – up to 100 unique users at 1 location
Medium Business 1 – $80 (regularly $100) – up to 100 unique users at 2 locations
Medium Business 2 – $150 (regularly $200) – up to 500 unique users at 20 locations

Please visit for licensing details.

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