AdminiMe 2012 Add-In Released for Windows Home Server

by ZimTommy on November 23, 2011

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A new version of the handy AdminiMe Add-In for Windows Home Server v1 has just been released by the guys over at ASoft.

In a nutshell, AdminiMe is an Add-In that monitors aspects of your server with various forms of logging along with the ability to send regular emails to the user with a summary of any notifications that the Add-In has generated. It also gives you a bunch of other features such as handy little short cuts to things like Event Viewer, Task Manager and a few other utilities on your server.


Main Logging Screen

I’ve been using their 2010 version of the Add-In for quite some time now and it’s been a great way for me to keep an eye on my “headless” server without having to log onto it. And the latest version builds on the feature set with some nice additions.

New Features

  • Top 5 current cpu consuming processes
  • Top 5 current memory consuming processes
  • Cpu temperature monitoring
  • Statistics are kept on the number of shut downs, suspends, resumes, log offs
  • Server name is listed in the email
  • Server IP Address is listed in the email
  • Option to shut down / reboot / … when a serious error occurs
  • Execute a process when a failure or error occurs
  • Redesign of the user interface
  • Option to turn off the chart updates
  • Support lnk files / command line switches
  • Export logging
  • Full support for Simplified Chinese
  • A lot of tweaks underneath and some new settings

I particularly like the new CPU temperature monitoring as I’ve just upgraded my CPU to a quad core Q8400 and am a bit worried that the cooling system in the HP EX490 won’t be up to the task.  This latest version will be a great help by notifying me whenever my CPUs have been over a set temperature for a certain period of time, this will go a long way to helping me figure out if the temperature is going to be high every now and then or if it will be a constant problem.

As it’s a new version with quite a few new features there will be a small upgrade fee where existing users can upgrade for 5€ and the full version will be available for 9€.  Anyone who purchased the 2010 version between the 1st of October 2011 and the 23rd of November 2011 will be entitled to a free upgrade.

Head on over to their website for all the in depth details and watch this space for a detailed review coming soon.

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Hi there, I'm Tommy and I've been messing around with PCs and electronics since before I can remember. I had been running my own WHS "frankenserver" for a good few years before I picked up an ex490 on super special after HP has discontinued them and that's, in turn, how I found this little community of fellow enthusiasts.

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