Next Round Of My Movies Pre Releases Rolled Out

by Damian on September 13, 2011 · 2 comments

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This past Friday the next round of My Movies Pre Releases were released into the wild. The Pre Releases included My Movies for Windows Media Center 4.02 Pre Release 2, My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 2.10 Pre Release 1 and My Movies for Mac OS X 1.00 Pre Release 3. See the changelog and download link below, but there is one interesting addition worth pointing out. For Windows Home Server 2011 there is a new video converter feature that has been added. With this you can set up My Movies to automatically create a mobile copy of media collection for playback on your mobile devices. The current limitations are as follows:

  • The converter only supports full DVD and Blu-ray copies that are either copied using the My Movies Disc Copier, or identified by My Movies Monitoring.
  • The converter currently does not support Blu-ray ISO files, which limits the supported formats to VIDEO_TS folder structures, BDMV folder structures and DVD ISO files.
  • Subtitles is currently not supported on Blu-ray’s. All settings for subtitles applies to DVD’s only.
  • The converter currently only copies to MP4 files, other file types are not supported as output formats.


My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 2.10 Pre Release 1

Added: Video Converter function to convert copied discs to MP4 files for iPad, iPhone, Android, UPnP and similar. Please see limitations:
Added: Notifications are now sent out as e-mails if this has been setup in WHS2011.
Added: User account log in and out in installer version.
Added: Online Collection configuration
Added: Apple Lossless format option for music copier.

Fix: Check for database on startup has been improved.
Fix: AnyDVD reboot required message on WHS.
Fix: Flac files copied with music disc copier did not store album artist, but only artist

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 4.02 Pre Release 2

Added: TV Episodes and disc titles that have only been partially watched now have a partially watched icon rather than a watched icon. This is only supported when using the internal Media Center player, and not on ISO files.
Added: Rolling backdrops is now functional also on TV Episodes.
Added: TV Series configuration section in Windows Media Center.
Added: Various setting options in Windows Media Center.

Change: “Actions” page is now placed after synopsis for easier access.
Change: The tabs on the details pages is repeated scrollable, which means you can press “left” from initial page to access the “actions” page, avoiding having to scroll though all pages.
Change: mymovies.xml file is now encrypted.
Change: Warning not to set language on items that should have been neutral when setting language on images.
Change: Playing TV Series on DVD episodes now stops playback when the specific episode stops playback.

Fix: Folder monitoring did not correctly identify titles as Blu-ray based on ISO files or media types.
Fix: Sort by title did not make sense on TV Seasons view, and have been removed.
Fix: TV type parental rating showed as normal rating in preview screen.
Fix: Category assign or remove problem if you right click to add or remove categories on a title you are editing, and then save the title you are editing.
Fix: Data for inserted discs did not function as it should.
Fix: Personal title and sort title could remain when using change data function.
Fix: Data for inserted discs did not always follow cover profile looks.
Fix: The “Play All” functionality is now able to mark individual played episodes as watched.
Fix: Adjustments to improve speed of browsing on list and details as well as cover row and details screens, especially on extenders.
Fix: Navigation menu color overlay did not display right on extenders with overscan present.
Fix: Can now read DVD IFO files with errors in cell mapping structure.
Fix: Reading of DVD structure on discs where the index of the discstructure map is missing.
Fix: Not all subtitles were read on DVD discs.
Fix: Main movie detection is now based on time instead of filesizes.
Fix: Wait cursor did not hide when receiving a playback error on TV Series and Seasons.

My Movies for Mac OS X 1.00 Pre Release 3

See link for further details

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Paul Carvajal September 15, 2011 at 7:50 pm

I’ve been using the PreRelease version for a few days now. I loaded this specifically for the Video Converter function. It works great. Their’s a couple of minor issues which I reported and should be fixed in the next release.

The great thing is that it automatically converts DVDs and BluRays automatically to MP4, just like the HP MediaSmart servers. As this was the only reason I kept my EX495, I finally get to retire it and stick exclusively with my WHS2011. YEAH!

Anyone want to buy an HP EX495? :-)

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