September 2011

About 4 months again a major update for Remote Potato was released. I had been planning to put together a detailed walkthru on setting up and using, but it seemed like whenever I started something would always come up that would derail me. Well, since I have been using Remote Potato fairly consistently for the […]

New forum member “Phil2011″ has posted in the forums with his solution for automatically ripping his DVD and CD collection directly on his Home Server using only freely available tools. Here’s what Phil2011 has to say about his process: I recently got quite tired of the manual overhead I had to go through to rip […]

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Media Browser 2.5 (Hydra) Released

by Damian on September 27, 2011 · 6 comments

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Just a few short hours ago the next version of Media Browser (codename Hydra) was just released into the wild. Some of the significant changes/fixes are highlighted below: Highlights: The biggest change in Hydra is something that should be completely transparent to the user but should yield performance improvements and provides us with some great […]

The following is a guest article written by forum member Chuck “chuckcoleman” Coleman and shares his experience putting together a solution in Windows Home Server 2011 to replace the Media Collector feature he missed from the MediaSmart Server. Thank you, Chuck, for sharing your solution! Several months ago I decided that I was going to […]

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A Quick Update On The Dunes

by Damian on September 15, 2011 · 23 comments

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There have been a lot of questions of late regarding the Dune HD line of media players. In particular announcement of the Dune HD Pro and the Dune HD TV 101/301 have left many of drooling (the Dune HD Pro) and also scratching our heads (the 101/301). I have been trying to dig around some […]

Microsoft has been conducting their developer conference for Windows 8 this week, they also have been making announcements regarding their next version of Windows Server 8.  One item many people have been disappointed in Windows Home Server 2011 was the removal of disk pooling.  Well, all is not lost for those who can be patient. […]

Matt Sawyer of Dojo North Software has written to let us know that he has released version 2 of his highly useful and popular Home Server SMART Add-In for Windows Home Server. The release adds continuous, automatic monitoring and alerting, plus support for USB hard drives. Matt has also announced that he is beginning to […]

This past Friday the next round of My Movies Pre Releases were released into the wild. The Pre Releases included My Movies for Windows Media Center 4.02 Pre Release 2, My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 2.10 Pre Release 1 and My Movies for Mac OS X 1.00 Pre Release 3. See the changelog […]

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HDI Dune Announces Dune HD Pro

by Damian on September 5, 2011 · 23 comments

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HDI Dune, the company behind the Dune series of media players that have been reviewed here (see my Dune Smart D1 and Dune BD Prime reviews), has just announced their next generation player called the Dune HD Pro. The Pro revolves around the Sigma SMP8910, which is the highly anticipated next gen Sigma processor. With […]

About a month ago I built a new desktop PC. I had noted that one issue I ran in to was that my Blu-ray ROM drive stopped being recognized, something I attributed initially to a bad drive. Before I started the RMA process I decided to use my Windows Home Server PC restore to restore […]