Windows 7 Professional Pack for SBS Essentials Add-in Completed!

by ZimTommy on August 17, 2011

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Microsoft have just made available a new add-in for Windows Small Business Server 2011 that should make the jobs of small business IT administrators a little easier.  The add-in gives administrators control of a number of items on any Windows 7 Professional PC connected to the server allowing them to ensure the clients are up to date and secure.  

Being able to configure client PCs directly from the SBS dashboard will be pretty handy for administrators and allow them setup important system settings without having to interrupt users directly.

With the Windows 7 Professional Pack our customers can easily deploy pre-configured security settings across several different areas like allowing Windows Update to install the latest security patches and critical updates, using Windows Defender to protect against malware attacks and preventing users from exposing the network to attack by enforcing the use of Windows Firewall.

For the full press release see the Microsoft SBS blog site where they also have a demo video and link to download the new add-in. Be sure to post in the comments and let us know how the Add-In works for you if you try it out.

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