August 2011

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by Damian on August 28, 2011 · 10 comments

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Right now I am sitting at home bored out of my mind. We somehow managed to get through what according to the media and politicians was going to be the storm of the century (don’t get me started on that nonsense), but being trapped in my house has me a little stir crazy (and there […]

In WHS v1 terms the words “Power Pack” could often translate into “New Features” which, personally, is always exciting for me!  Power Pack 1 fixed the dreaded data integrity issues which will always be remembered as WHS V1′s rocky start to life,  but I think you’ll all agree the subsequent power packs did always appear […]

I’m sure all the avid tech readers out there would have picked up on this already but it’s been let slip that HP intend to discontinue operations in the WebOS device space.  And this is only a short year after HP paid a chunky $1.2 billion to purchase WebOS.  I have to say…

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Guide: Building A PC

by Damian on August 18, 2011 · 57 comments

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For a while now I have been wanting to upgrade my desktop PC. I had a Gateway Intel Q6600 Quad Core PC that had served me well, but was getting a bit long in the tooth for my needs (specifically more CPU intensive tasks such as encoding, commercial scanning, etc…). This combined with an itch […]

Microsoft have just made available a new add-in for Windows Small Business Server 2011 that should make the jobs of small business IT administrators a little easier.  The add-in gives administrators control of a number of items on any Windows 7 Professional PC connected to the server allowing them to ensure the clients are up […]

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Review: Boxee for iPad App

by Damian on August 15, 2011 · 9 comments

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Just last week Boxee released their much anticipated iPad App. I had a chance this weekend to install and do some testing, so let’s take a closer at what the Boxee for iPad App brings to the table. Requirements: Boxee for iPad App (free) Boxee Media Manager (optional) iPad Boxee Box (optional) Boxee account (free) […]

Well, the folks over at Boxee have been busy at work. An iPad App had been mentioned a while ago, and it has now officially been released into the wild. The iPad App will allow you to access Boxee content directly on your iPad, play back local content from your PC on the iPad, and […]

The popular Remote Notification Add-In for Windows Home Server has been updated to version and delivers several new features, including support for Push Notifications to Apple, Google Android, and Windows Phone mobile devices. The currently supported Apps are: NMA – Notify My Android (Google Android phones and tablets) Prowl (Apple iPod/iPhone/iPad) Push – App […]