My Movies – Final Pre Release Available For Download

by Damian on June 15, 2011

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My Movies has just made available their final pre release to download. All downloads can be found here. Also, for more information on My Movies feel free to check out our latest writeups here.

My Movies for Windows Media Center and My Movies Collection Management 4.01 Pre Release 5

Added: Option to include an evidence file when contributing covers where the barcode is not visible.
Added: Transcoding configuration in Media Center.
Added: Navigation button configuration in media center
Added: External Links on TV Series editing.

Change: If the database is of a newer version and the client cannot connect, it will check for updates to allow updating of the client.
Change: The database can now be updated directly from Windows Media Center, so that it is not needed to load the Collection Management program on updates.

Fix: Contributing cover could lead to a crash when the program scans barcodes.
Fix: Chapter/episode titles are now saved as unicode chars.
Fix: Issue with external players on X64 systems.
Fix: Exception when previous selected overlay icon style no longer existed.
Fix: Series overview now merges with info from all languages to make sure all possible episodes are there.
Fix: Total progressbar is now used on database optimize.
Fix: PowerDVD 11 BDMV folder issue
Fix: Delete of tv episode in Media Center did not work.
Fix: Updates of TV series and episode images now works better. Lock on images removed.
Fix: Personal data was not remembered on episode updates.

My Movies for Windows Home Server 2.00 Pre Release 3

Fix: DataLanguage was missing in Settings
Fix: Monitoring now doesn’t run without a datalanguage.
Fix: Removed Firewall settings button to make room for language configuration.

My Movies for Windows Home Server 2011 2.00 Pre Release 9

Fix: Issue with license user, where the license wasn’t available for the services.
Fix: Notification addition is now running in own thread.
Fix: Monitoring now only runs when language and country is set.
Fix: Minor issue with Nimbie where status didn’t change after error.

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