Boxee Box Firmware Update Released (Fiona 1.1)

by Damian on May 11, 2011 · 6 comments

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A while back I put together a review of the Boxee Box. Since then there have been many fixes/updates (such as the addition of Netflix and Vudu) that have made the Boxee Box a more viable option in the media player world. Much has changed since my original review so I have been planning on doing a quick update but have been waiting for some critical issues in my opinion to be fixed (such as HD Audio dropouts). Well, with today’s update it appears that HD Audio dropouts have been fixed (I have no confirmed yet, just going based off the release notes). I plan on testing when I get some time, and if all is good will update my review. For now here is a list of what has been added/fixed (you can see the full Boxee blog post here):

UPDATE – I am being told that the HD Audio dropouts have actually not been fixed and instead have been added as an open issue for future firmware updates (maybe Boxee should take a closer look at their Release Notes before releasing…)

Boxee Box Fona 1.1 Release Notes

New Features / Enhancements

  1. Browser enhancements
  1. Faster Browser Launch
  2. Faster Page Loading Speed.
  3. Improved HTML 5 support.
  4. Added “Refresh” button to browser OSD.
  5. Added ability to “Favorite” web sites for quick access.
  6. New “Favorites” section in the browser.
  7. New “History” section for browsing previously visited web pages.
  8. New confirmation pop-up when exiting HTML applications (YouTube Leanback, Netflix, etc.).
  9. Support for drop down lists.
  10. Current URL is now displayed in the address bar
  11. Removed auto full screen button for consistency across websites
  1. *NEW* – Trailer Library – added a trailer section to the Boxee movie library.
  2. Enhanced UI look and feel.
  3. Modified look & feel for On Screen Display (OSD).
  1. *NEW* Seek Slider allowing for precise fast forward and rewind.
  2. Reduced OSD size so users see more playing content.
  3. Added Seek ability for Music playback
  1. *NEW* “Share” menu allowing users to select where there message will be shared (Facebook, Twitter, and/or Tumblr).
  2. *NEW* Support for NFO files (see this support entry on how to use.)
    Boxee uses IMDB and other sources to identify and tag files.  This meant that Boxee could not identify home movies and that correctly identified files were not able to be customized.  This new release allows users to:
  1. Tag home movies with custom meta-data and artwork
  2. Update movie metadata with alternate artwork and information
  3. Customize the genres of films, TV shows for better personal categorization
  4. Customize how TV Show Episodes are tagged and displayed in Boxee.
  1. *NEW* Support additional languages and keyboards
  1. German
  2. French
  3. Italian
  4. Spanish
  5. Swedish
  6. Hebrew
  7. Danish
  8. Dutch
  9. Turkish
  10. Russian
  11. Arabic
  12. Portuguese (Brazilian)
  13. Czech
  14. Norwegian
  15. Finnish
  16. Polish
  1. Keyboard shortcuts during playback:
  1. I – Video info
  2. Z – Toggle zoom
  3. Numeric keys – jump to time in video in minutes:seconds
  1. Ability to filter local content by source (USB, Network, SD).
  2. Remote control low battery indication.
  3. Ability to delete browser cache and cookies (Settings -> System -> Browser)
  4. Removed volume control to maintain consistency across playback experience
    Without the ability to control volume in HTML 5 apps like Netflix and YouTube Leanback and apps like VUDU we decided to remove the volume control to make the experience consistent across any app, movie, or show on Boxee.  Now, volume control is similar to that of a Blu-Ray player or game console where users can control via their TV or A/V receiver.
  5. Added Leave/Stay pop-up when exiting Apps
  6. New MLB application
  1. Watch live and recorded games
  2. Improved ffwd and rewind functionality
  3. Ability to jump to a specific inning or game event
  4. Added pitch f/x statistics overlay
  1. All 2 channels PCM audio is output as DD 5.1 (on Dolby Digital capable receivers)

Bug fixes

  1. Sorting by “Recently Updated” in Unidentified Videos actually sorts Z-A.
  2. Occasionally when trying to download and install applications result with signature failed message.
  3. Doubled options (All, Favorites, Categories, etc) in the menu drop down makes the menu non functional
  4. USB IR receiver double button pushes
  5. Visiting & crashes Boxee browser
  6. HTTPS URLs cannot be invoked from search bar.
  7. Update is prompted during paused video
  8. Emergency error reported on Boxee Box bootup in syslog.
  9. Special characters displays are displayed wrong.
  10. Playback of some overlay ads in Flash video stutters.
  11. “Audio Offset” setting did not work.
  12. Boxee Box doesn’t recognize two USB drives with the same drive label.
  13. Folder.jpg/.nfo will not work with BluRay Disc folder structures.
  14. When Boxee resumes from ‘sleep’ mode all artwork is gone from library view.
  15. HTML apps revert to mouse mode when a link is navigated.
  16. Rescanning a source before all items identified results in duplicates in Movies.
  17. If a show has multiple episodes with same title only latest is displayed.
  18. iPhone remote does not refresh the available host names.
  19. Display file name with Chinese/Japanese/Korean characters.
  20. Remove audio dropouts during HD audio playback.
  21. Music is playing 2x speed after movie playback.
  22. Boxee loses permission when using HFS+ non journaled USB drive.
  23. Series specials showing up In movies list.
  24. RSS feed URL cannot contain a space.
  25. Vimeo Couch Mode not playing next video automatically
  26. Issue rewinding MP4/MKV files with first 30 seconds of playback.
  27. Launching a Test App from Boxee Apps results in two entries of the app shown in the list.
  28. Boxee re-adds previously scanned DVD folders on each scan.
  29. Unable to use local folder.jpg when manually identifying.
  30. Favorite apps disappear and missing.
  31. SMB shares reported as disconnected shortly after creation or reboot.
  32. SMB shares will not reconnect if SMB source is restarted/goes offline/online
  33. Boxee is unable to play mono 1 channel LPCM audio from .M2TS files
  34. Handle opensubtitles response error and prompt a correct message to the user.
  35. ‘Unable to bring the movie details’ error when manual resolving TV show for files with unknown naming convention.
  36. Remove check Internet connection when playing.
  37. Default subtitle language is ignored.
  38. Pause break subtitles display
  39. Odd subtitles display on pause break.
  40. Switching audio and subtitles tracks in MKV files takes very long and freezes menu
  41. Can’t login to and MAXGO

Known Issues for Beta release

  1. Pairing Devices (under Settings ) is just a place holder and functionality will be implemented in the near future.
  2. When adding UPnP source it is recommended to add the UPnP “All Videos” or any “All….” folder as the defined source (using  the sub folders or root can cause reboot)

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T-Bone May 11, 2011 at 12:12 pm

Please Please Please a new review. haha just getting my Boxee Box for my bday Im really interested in some of the stuff it can do. I have seen a ton of fragmented info about repositories and game launcher or emulators but nothing 100%. an with the repositories almost no other info (like where they are besides its user custom apps.

Damian May 11, 2011 at 12:14 pm

Well, from reading around a few issues:

1) HD Audio dropouts when bitstreaming not fixed

2) An alternative to #1 would be to allow the Boxee Box to decode the HD Audio and output as PCM. However, there are two issues. The biggest is that it appears with TrueHD Boxee Box is only outputting stereo PCM. Other potential issue is that on the core DTS is being decoded. I would say the TrueHD issue would be more problematic.

Brajesh May 11, 2011 at 1:21 pm

On the HD audio front, Boxee’s implementation and workarounds are a mess. They’ve made good strides elsewhere (Netflix, NFO support, etc.), but on HD audio, no. Video playback isn’t perfect either, at least for digital camera/camcorder support. 1080p/60 videos don’t play properly; even my older WD TV will play them. Some 1080i/30 videos won’t play either.

ImTheTypeOfGuy May 16, 2011 at 2:27 pm

Does it have parental controls? I do not like that it shows the name of the adult titles. This is worthless. They shouldn’t be shown at all unless the password has been entered.

Damian May 17, 2011 at 8:48 am

There are some parental control options to hide XXX apps

adultent May 20, 2011 at 12:35 am

You can have more than one user profile. So you can allow media for some and not others ;)

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