New Firmware Released For Popcornhour C-200

by Damian on March 11, 2011 · 1 comment

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Syabas today has just released a new public firmware for their popular Popcornhour C-200 players. Generally a firmware update for the Popcornhour A-200/210 is released a few weeks afterwards. I will also be looking to update my C-200 and A-200 reviews, so be on the lookout in the coming weeks.

Release notes are below. The new firmware can either be downloaded directly from the Networked Media Tank website or directly from the C-200 via Setup -> Maintenance -> Check for firmware update.

Release Notes:

Release date : 11 March 2011
Firmware version : 02-04-110308-21-POP-408-000

1. Still same NMT apps 02-04-101104-21-POP-408
- Fixed incorrect elapsed time when press PREV/NEXT during
SimpleBD/BD ISO playback
- SimpleBD
- Fixed certain BD ISO playback get stuck at chapter
transition (Bug #5001786)
- reduced time for info grabbing and playback start
- fixed issue with "seek to 0%"
- Fixed regression in CSS DVD playback
- Added "Prompt" option for BD ISO navigation
- Fixed issue where certain SimpleBD playback will get
incorrect scene/chapter/info after seeking.
- Fixed audio out-of-sync after playback Audio CD
(Bug #5001759/#0000452)
3. Video and Audio playback
- Fixed incorrect menu selection displayed on "Subtitle"
menu when color=auto
- Fixed certain APE audio caused system crash (Bug #5001699).
- Fixed certain MP4 playback freeeze when resume from bookmark
- Added audio mono left/right selectable MPEG .dat files
- Fixed subtitle selection persistency issue with certain MKV
- Display forced subtitle track even when subtitle=off
- audio output during FF 2x and SLOW 0.5x
(with known out-of-sync issue with certain high bitrate file)
- Fixed regression in MP3 playlist gapless playback
- Don't allow "SEEK" during pause and FF/FR/SLOW trickmode.
- RAR Playback, file view and extraction
- currently only for single RAR file
- 3D output to HDMI 3D TV for Stereoscopic 3D (side-by-side,
Top-and-bottom) file
- Files must be named with "<filename>.3DSBS.*", "<filename>.3DTAB.*"
- Tested with MKV, AVI, TS (MPEG)
- Fixed audio loss for certain high bitrate FLAC files
- Fixed ASF audio pitch issue after fast forward
- Fixed missing right channel in DTS-MA
- Fixed 7.1 channels PCM BD downmix playback passthrough only
output 5.1 channels.
- Fix single TS file can fastforward till 8x and unable to
cycle to repeat from 2x.
- Fix internal PGS subtitle not show correctly in mkv issue
which due to timecode checking for internal PGS.
- Fixed APE files with distorted sound.
- Disable RAR menu prompt over HTTP services.
- Enable cuesheet support: APE, FLAC, WAV
- Fixed playback issue of mkv with multiple menu (Bug #5001881)
- Fixed some PGS subtitle always shown at top left corner.
- Fixed external subtitle not shown while playback BDJ/Non-BDJ
and BDMV when started from NMJ.
- Supported TS file fast forward and fast rewind
- Fixed occasional wrong time information when rewinding.
- MKV chapter name now limited to only 10 characters,
append "..." if the name is longer.
- Fixed blinking exclaimation mark when Slow depressed.
- Fixed ASS subtitles wrong placement under certain condition (Bug #5001944)
- Gapless support for small FLAC files.
- MKV 3D support.
- Support .mk3d extension with StereoMode parameter (side-by-side,
- mkvmerge v4.5.0 onwards includes this support.
4. Networked Media JukeBox (NMJ)
- Fixed "watched" status for TV Series
- Fixed thumbnail generation causing system crash
- metadata_scanner
- set full access permission for nmj_database
- improved "disk full" checking and database size estimation
- improved scanner progress status for unknown music album
- fixed issue where video image cannot be replaced for BD content
- Added timeout when grabbing media info
- Improved scanning speed on m2ts
- Improved checking for database version
- Limit cover art poster to file < 1MB
- Fixed TV Series Season Sorting issue
- Support "Jump to" feature in Wall View
- Added shortcut to add a group of music album to playlist or
queue at Category view
- Added ability to change video type
- Added ability to reorganize video file for incorrect grouping
- Added ability to view episode synopsis
- Added ability to search artist and genre at song info
- Improved NMJ UI browsing speed
- Added Music metadata and progress bar in Now Playing Playlist page
- Added delete feature in Now Playing playlist page
- Fixed occasional unable to access NMJ photo page
- Fixed NMJ load page fail issue when browse song with multibye.
- Added Volume up/down in Now Playing playlist page.
- Added Mute in Now Playing playlist page.
- Fixed non-latin word not shown correctly
- Support 3D indicator in NMJ UI.
- Some fixes to command server APIs:
- insert_vod_queue
- list_vod_queue_info
5. System/Network
- Some translation updated
- Fixed issue when special characters used in proxy server naming
- Fixed netbios name resolution issue
- tvid=0 support
6. UPnP AV
- Fix for certain media servers not showing up on browse
and missing content for DTCP resources
- Fixes for hang-up during browse and adjusted timeout
- Fixed Cardea checksum readback
7. Apps/Apps Market
- minor improvement on key responseness
- Stop flashlite video playback when POWER key depressed
- Fixed RTMPe playback return buffer full upon starting playback
even though it's still prebuffering
- Fixed wrong time info with "live audio only" RTMP
- Fixed short videos (duration of 3~4 seconds) playback issue
- new AppsMarket 1.3.11
- Fixed Shoutcast crash
- Fixed issue with Page Up/Down key assignment in Apps.
Now will be Vol Up/Down when playback, but Page Up/Down otherwise.
(Bug 5001702)
8. Known issues
- The Samba workgroup name set in the options not applied temporary.
It defaults to "WORKGROUP".
- Any new 'excludes' are ignored on a refresh - you have to do a
complete rebuild for .no_all.nmj etc. to actually work.
- Encoding type other than utf-8 may caused nmj page load error


NMT Apps Version : 02-04-101104-21-POP-408

Release Notes :
1. Minimum firmware version to use this NMT App is 02-04-101104-21-POP-408-000
2. Version stepping, practically same as 02-03-100427-21-POP-408

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Rich March 11, 2011 at 10:00 am

thats a long list of fixes. maybe it’s time to pull my C200 out of the closet.

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