Zappiti Comes To The PCH, Sort Of

by Damian on March 10, 2011 · 2 comments

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Last Year I documented a video jukebox for the Dune players called Zappiti. Overall I have been happy with Zappiti and use it frequently with my Dune BD Prime and Dune Smart D1. For my PCH C-200 and PCH A-200 I have been using the YAMJ + Aeon jukebox, which although I liked I much preferred the look of Zappiti. Well, it looks like Zappiti caught the attention of gt-eins, a community software developers/skinner for the PCH. He had been kicking around the idea of creating a Zappiti skin for the PCH, and not too long ago he released the “Zappiti” skin to the public. The main difference between this and the Dune Zappiti is that for the Dune Zappiti is just not a skin but also a fully featured metadata retrieval application. Zappiti for the PCH is just a skin relying on YAMJ to handle all the metadata duties.

Assuming you already have YAMJ set up, setting up Zappiti is very easy. All that is needed is to simply download the skin and copy it into the YAMJ/Skins folder. You then either need to point YAMJ to this skin or my preference, rename the “default” skin folder to something else and name the Zappiti skin folder “default”. Once that is done rerun YAMJ and you should be off to the races.

The nice thing about Zappiti for the Dune is that you can do any customizing from the Zappiti PC software. The downside to Zappiti for the PCH is that any customization must be done by digging into the code. There are a ton of different options to choose from, so if you scroll to the bottom of gt-eins first post on the networked media tank forums you will see further detail.

Here are some screenshots for your viewing pleasure


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asianjabba July 25, 2011 at 8:53 am

hi Damian – excellent site, one of my favorites for WHS info. just a quick question out of the ordinary that i noticed from reading this article. why do you have so many media players? i only have a dune 3.0 base for the tv in my living room. are you set up with a specific media player for every tv you have? i only ask because i am wondering what kind of set up you have. thank you!

Damian July 25, 2011 at 9:15 am

What makes you think I have so many players ;)

Well, here are some reasons off the top of my head:

(1) Gadget geek, like trying new devices. Usually end up selling or giving away to family members players that I don’t use
(2) Reviews for this site

I do have at least one player at each TV in my house. Having two young boys this comes in handy since we never know what room we are going to end up in. However, right now Dunes are primarily the only players I use (BD Prime and Smart D1). Since my wife uses the media players as much as me I have to make sure for WAF that I keep things consistent for her. Plus I have found the Dunes to be the most reliable of all players I have/had. I do have several HTPCs in my house as well, but too many inconsistencies .

Feel free to ask any other questions

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