February 2011

Ever since the Windows Home Server team was absorbed into the Small Business Server team I’ve observed a steady decline in the attention the team has placed on the average home user while designing the next generation Windows Home Server products. You have gotten a taste of this with the out of touch manner that […]

After more than two months of near silence, Microsoft have today announced the availability of the Release Candidate of Windows Home Server Vail. Along with the Release Candidate status we are also finally given a name for the product: Windows Home Server 2011. Here is the full announcement from Microsoft, stayed tuned for a more […]

Several weeks ago I gave you a glimpse at the latest Add-In from Tentacle Software when they announced a Beta program for Feedsource for Windows Home Server. They’ve now wrapped up the Beta program and have released the Add-In to the public. Here’s a bit about the Add-In from the Tentacle Software website: Feedsource is […]

As I rummage through various forums I have noticed increased discussions about Cinavia. For those who don’t know Cinavia is a digital rights management system (i.e. DRM) meant to limit unauthorized use of certain movies in Blu-ray players. There are two parts to Cinavia. The first part is a watermark that is embedded in the […]