Remote Notification Update Adds Twitter Support

by Alex Kuretz on February 23, 2011 · 4 comments

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I’ve released a new version of Remote Notification 1.5 today, with the biggest new feature being the addition of a Twitter recipient type that allows your server to post Windows Home Server health notifications to a Twitter feed. The Twitter recipient is highly customizable just like the other recipient types, allowing you to choose to receive errors and/or warnings, and to configure exclude filters for those notifications that you’d rather not see. Those of you that have already installed Remote Notification and have Automatic Updates enabled should be getting notified of the availability of the new version.

To upgrade to version, simply uninstall your current version of Remote Notification, and install the newest version downloaded from Setup instructions are available in the Remote Notification documentation.

The full list of changes in the release include:

  • Add Twitter recipient type that supports both Twitter status updates as well as direct (private) messages
  • Explicitly set text color in HTML email reports so they render properly on OLED smart phones that invert colors to save battery power (thanks Jeff Z.)
  • Minor changes to improve error handling and logging

This feature was inspired by the @WHSTweet Add-In from Donavon West, which has been broken since September 2010 when Twitter changed their API to require OAuth and Donavon never released an update to allow his Add-In to work with the new system. This feature was also fairly easy to implement thanks to the excellent Twitterizer library.

I’d love to hear how the new Twitter feature works for you. I also welcome your feedback on what features you would like to see added to Remote Notification, please post in the comments or in the Remote Notification support forum with your ideas.

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I'm Alex Kuretz, and I'm the founder of I was the Lead Test and Integration Engineer at HP for the MediaSmart Server until April 2008 when I moved on to other opportunities outside HP. I've kept active in the Windows Home Server community, creating several add-ins and helping users make the most of their Home Servers.


Vassilis February 23, 2011 at 6:08 am

wow! that was fast :)
thanks i will try it on the weekend

Alexander Kent February 26, 2011 at 7:59 pm

Sweet, I can see a number of use cases for this. Nice one :)

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