January 2011

Microsoft still can’t tell you how Windows Home Server Vail will protect your data after the removal of Drive Extender (and are apparently looking for a new home for the Home Server Team), yet yesterday they released Update Rollup 2 for Windows Home Server v1. Note that you will need to have Power Pack 3 […]

One feature that has been frequently requested for MyMovies is individual TV show episode support. This is probably the one feature that has kept me from considering MyMovies as my plugin of choice on my HTPC. Well, it has just been announced that TV show episode support should be arriving on or around March 1st, […]

Could we soon be approaching a time where XBMC is on every device known to man??? It sure seems that way. Following up on the recent announcement that Sigma was porting XBMC over to its SoC, the folks at XBMC have just announced that XBMC is now available for install on the AppleTV 2, iPhone, […]

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Holiday Projects – Take Deux

by Damian on January 20, 2011 · 25 comments

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A few weeks ago I put together a post about some projects I did around the house. Well, with my new found handyman skills and a drywall saw, why stop when the entire house is full of drywall just asking to be cut! Project #1 – Install In-Wall Center Channel Speaker: The setup in our […]

About a week ago  new firmware was released only to mysteriously disappear within hours due to numerous bugs. Well, a new firmware has just been released, and hopefully this starts to right the ship which has been on a very odd journey. One item in particular worth mentioning is that Vudu has now officially been […]

About six months ago I had the pleasure of reviewing the Dune BD Prime 3.0 BluRay Media Player. The player has been rock solid in my setup, and with the addition of third party jukeboxes such as Zappiti it has provided an experience in certain respects equal to an HTPC. Shortly after reviewing the Dune […]

It seems like nowadays everyone wants a touchscreen smartphone remote app to control their electronics. There is definitely a “coolness” to this, especially when showing off to family and friends. To be honest I think these apps are more cool then practical, but it is no doubt they are gaining momentum. In the past few […]

With CES 2011 behind us it is now a good time to try and let all the information overload sink in. As I expected much of the focus was on tablets (of the Android flavor), Sandy Bridge (the next release of the popular Intel Core i platform) and 3D. I don’t know if there was […]

The next version of Media Browser (codename Draco) has just been released into the wild.  If you have followed my writings you know that Media Browser is my front end/plugin of choice when it comes to HTPCs.  One interesting change (and hopefully this will help fix the issues I have been experiencing with my library […]

If you are MediaSmart Server or Data Vault owner, you should be aware by now that HP have discontinued the product and ceased development. That means we won’t see any updates to the software and have to live with the annoyances of some of the bugs they have left us with. After HP announced they […]