December 2010

As many people who stream their media from servers can attest to, there is nothing more frustrating then when you unexpectedly start experiencing stuttering while playing back media. Although setting up a network is not relatively difficult, troubleshooting issues can be, especially since there are many variables involved. Problems could stem anywhere from bad cable […]

With the family out of town this past weekend I had the house to myself to do whatever I pleased. Aside from watching 3 movies (considering I average watching 1 movie maybe every few months not too shabby!) I decided to tackle the project of pulling some recorded shows I had sitting on my cable […]

Most people who record TV content onto their PCs are well aware of the Hauppauge HD PVR. The HD PVR takes advantage of the analog hole to allow the user to record encrypted content directly from devices such as a cable box to a PC.To best explain exactly what the HD PVR does: HD PVR […]