December 2010

It’s nearing midnight here in freezing cold (currently 7 degrees F) and snowy Colorado, and I wanted to take a few moments to wish all the readers and community members here at a happy holidays from myself, Nigel, and Damian. In the past I’ve written a summary post of the highlights from the past […]

Review: PlayOnHD! mini

by Nigel Wilks on December 31, 2010 · 17 comments

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I’m no media streaming pro like Damian, which probably explains why I’ve still been using the XBOX 360 to stream my movies to date. Not a bad thing really, albeit noisy and lack of decent file support and using it as a Media Center Extender hasn’t been a bad experience overall. But, after reading so […]

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Some Holiday Projects

by Damian on December 30, 2010 · 7 comments

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Between work and family life things have been a little crazy of late. I did take a few days off from work last week though and found some time to work on a few “major” projects around the house. I don’t consider myself the least bit handy, so what may be “minor” for some people […]

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Magic WOL Add-In Released

by Nigel Wilks on December 24, 2010 · 2 comments

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Christian Johnson from Maplegrove Partners, Authors of the “Microsoft Security Essentials Notifier for Windows Home Server” Add-In has let us know that he has now released a new Add-In for Windows Home Server – “Magic WOL”. Here is what Christian had to say: – Magic WOL is a client-less add-in that allows you to wake up computers […]

Microsoft today released preliminary documentation for Windows Home Server Vail, soliciting feedback via a survey linked on the page. I found the help topics to be high level and lacking in detail, most items were last updated in August, and of course there is no mention of storage management or the replacement for the recently […]

The following is a guest article written by forum member “TechVet” aka James. Thanks to James for sharing his experience with the Windows Home Server Community. This past weekend I got my new HP X510 up and running with Western Digital Caviar Green EARS drives and I wanted to document some key learnings I took […]

Brand new forum member “Edge” joined up just to share with us his HP MediaSmart Server EX470 and the massive media collection he has stored on it. The server has 4 internal hard drives, 4 drives in a Sans Digital TR4M-B connected via eSATA, and 12 more drives in Sans Digital TR4U-B USB enclosures all […]

Now that HP has announced that they are no longer making the MediaSmart Server or Data Vault products, it doesn’t take much thought to realize that there is a finite supply of these servers remaining for purchase. While the future of Windows Home Server Vail is still up in the air after the removal of […]

Sam Wood of Tentacle Software has announced a new Add-In called Feedsource for Windows Home Server that allows you to monitor your Shared Folders via RSS feeds. Here are the features of the new Add-In as described in the Tentacle Software announcement: Authenticated RSS feeds for Shared Folders that show create, delete, rename, and change […]

The following is a guest article contributed by forum member (and one of my former HP co-workers) “Pete”. Thanks to Pete for sharing his setup of the HP LX195 as a MythTV Personal Video Recorder Before I get into the details of my wicked LX195 setup, I feel like I should make a statement. My […]