November 2010

The recent news that HP is discontinuing the MediaSmart Server will obviously bring up some questions about the future of this site. Long time readers know that while I initially created this site as a place for enthusiasts of the MediaSmart Server, it has grown to cover much more than just the HP Home Server […]

In what can only be considered hugely disappointing and quite possibly a significant blow to the future of Windows Home Server, Hewlett Packard has informed me that they have discontinued the MediaSmart Server and will not be releasing any more models either on the current version of Windows Home Server or the upcoming Vail platform. […]

Following in the wake of the news that Microsoft is removing DE from Windows Home Server codename “Vail”, Andrew Edney from and author of “The Windows Home Server User’s Guide” has announced the sad news that is forthcoming MS Press publication has been cancelled. Here is what Andrew had to say: – It is with […]

There has been a lot of noise over the past few days about Microsoft’s decision to remove Drive Extender from Windows Home Server, not just within the Windows Home Server community but more broadly across the internet. With so much discussion and so many of you unhappy about the decision, you may be wondering what […]

If  you rip your DVD/BluRay collection to your hard drive you undoubtedly know about Slysoft’s AnyDVD software, which removes the encryption from discs enabling the user to easily copy over. AnyDVD is also an integral tool for many third party applications such as Clown_BD and Another EAC3To GUI. Even if you don’t backup your DVD […]

Paul Thurrott has a blog post that explains technological problems as the real reason that Microsoft is removing Drive Extender from Windows Home Server. In briefings earlier in the month, Paul had a discussion with Kevin Kean, the general manager of the (Home and) Small Business Server team at Microsoft, who had this to say. […]

The following is an article that I have been hoping I would not have to write, but the topic has been on my mind for several months now as I’ve watched the progression of events with Windows Home Server Vail and the Microsoft (Home and) Small Business Server team that develops it. I have been […]

If you want Microsoft to hear your feedback on this topic, I suggest you do so via the blog post, their Facebook page and vote for the team to bring back Drive Extender on the Connect site. Microsoft has a blog post up today announcing the removal of the Drive Extender feature from Windows Home […]

Earlier this year I did a review on the Popcorn Hour A-200, and one of my biggest criticisms was the fact that a cheap plastic case and fan was used (where all previous models had used an aluminum case and were fanless). To get around this I ended up modding the A-200 with a 3rd […]

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Review: Boxee Box

by Damian on November 20, 2010 · 23 comments

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Probably one of the most hyped and anticipated media players this year is the Boxee Box. For those who have never heard of Boxee, it is a cross platform Home Theater PC software that combines online content, local playback, all sprinkled in with some social networking. Recently Boxee decided to bring their software to a […]