October 2010

Several years ago a  developer by the name of Yaggs started SecondRun.tv, a plugin for Windows Media Center that would integrate online content from Hulu into Windows Media Center. Hulu eventually released their own application which can easily be launched from Windows Media Center, which to an extent lessened the impact of SecondRun.tv. Instead of […]

Last year forum member erail posted a message about how he converted a demo EX470 to become an MediaSmart Server Port Multiplier giving him a matching port multiplier for his EX470 and he did a fine job.  Inspired with what erail had done I decided to do the same and since then I have converted […]

Forum member “TheWiz” aka Chris has released his first Windows Home Server Add-In to the community, it’s called Microsoft Security Essentials Notifer for Windows Home Server (MSEN for short), and uses the Windows Home Server notification system to inform you when various actions occur with Security Essentials on your Home Server or your client PCs. […]

While our main focus around here is on the HP MediaSmart Server, we’re fans of all things Windows Home Server including DIY/homebuilt systems and massive storage servers. And since HP has been keeping quiet on their plans for the upcoming Windows Home Server Vail and Aurora releases, some of you may be considering building your […]

It has been nearly a month since the SageTV HD300 started shipping. Prior to the HD300 shipping I put together a brief writeup on the direction I hoped SageTV was heading towards, so I was anxious to give the HD300 a test run to see if it met my expectations. For this review I am […]