Microsoft move WHS Add-Ins Listings to Pinpoint

by Nigel Wilks on September 13, 2010 · 3 comments

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Microsoft have let us know they plan to move the Add-Ins pages they host on the Windows Home Server pages on to Pinpoint. While it’s initially pertinent to WHS developers, it’s also worth looking at Pinpoint for other applications outside of WHS. Obviously MediaSmartServer.Net Add-Ins will still be available via our own Add-Ins page as well.

To our valued Windows Home Server V1 add-in developers:

Thank you for your continued support for Windows Home Server, we appreciate all you’ve done and want to make you aware of a new opportunity to list your existing Windows Home Server (WHS) V1 add-in directly with Microsoft.

Beginning on September 16th, the “Pinpoint” applications guide will have a new category for WHS V1.  We are moving away from our static page on to content delivered via the Pinpoint database.  This has several key advantages for you:

1)      The Pinpoint solutions guide is self-service; you can create and change entries yourself.

2)      Over time, the database content will be surfaced on our team’s website as well as other Microsoft web properties.

3)      We are also planning to create similar Pinpoint database entries for the upcoming Vail and Aurora releases for you to list your updated add-ins as well.

4)      We encourage you to list any other software you’ve developed for our other products in the Windows Server Product Family.

Our WHS V1 listing in the Pinpoint applications guide has a planned go live date of September 16, 2010.  You will be able to create entries on beginning on that date.  The location for Windows Home Server will be found within the “Windows Server Product Family” category.  The URL to sign up is:

In addition, please keep us updated on your progress moving your add-in to WHS V2, or “Vail” via email to: .

Finally, in case you still need to sign up for the Vail and Aurora public betas, the URLs for their Microsoft Connect sites are listed below:

Thank you,

The Home and Small Business Server Product Development and Marketing team

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I'm a Technical Architect based in the UK predominantly working on Windows Server and Active Directory based solutions. I'm also a Microsoft Windows Home Server MVP and moderator/author at I've released the FirePlay for Windows Home Server, WHS PHP Installer, MySql Installer for WHS and Wordpress Installer for WHS Add-Ins as well as co-author of the SanEncore and WHS Health Add-Ins with Alex Kuretz.


Geoff Coupe September 14, 2010 at 2:08 am

I’m sorry, is it just me or does this seem like yet another clueless decision by Microsoft? The Pinpoint site appears to be for companies wishing to purchase services or applications for business purposes.

What this has to do with home users looking for useful add-ons for their Windows Home Server, I have no idea…

Geoff Coupe September 14, 2010 at 2:21 am

I suppose that a clue might be given in point (2) of Microsoft’s message:

“Over time, the database content will be surfaced on our team’s website as well as other Microsoft web properties.”

If one of the web properties is the WHS home page, then fine;, because I doubt that any home user is going to visit the Pinpoint site, except by accident.

I shall be looking with interest to see whether anything actually turns up on the WHS home page…

Alex Kuretz September 14, 2010 at 7:55 am

Geoff, that’s a reasonable question. Microsoft told me that they plan to replace the existing static page about Add-Ins on their site with dynamic content from the Pinpoint site. I’ll say I think this is better than the current model with very outdated content. And considering that Nigel and I have 6 of the top 10 most popular Add-Ins on WeGotServed, yet none of them are on the Microsoft page, I’m hopeful this will help us get even more exposure for our community contributions.

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