PopCorn Hour C-200 Firmware Released To The Public

by Damian on August 26, 2010 · 6 comments

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It has been nearly three months since Syabas released the first beta firmware for the PCH C-200. There were some important fixes that were added, such as support for bitstreaming HD Audio in standalone mkv/(m2)ts files, fixed vc-1 mkv playback, etc… It has been a somewhat bumpy ride for Syabas of late, so hopefully release of this firmware to the public can finally get things back on track. Based on past versions, A-200 users should expect the new firmware within the next few weeks. The new firmware can be updated via the online function on the C-200, or can be installed manually from here. For a full list of the lengthy revision log, see below.

Release date : 26 August 2010
Firmware version : 02-03-100821-21-POP-408-000

1. Minimum NMT apps 02-03-100427-21-POP-408
- Fixed playback of BD-J disc in SD TV mode
- BD playback - Load subtitle index.srt (case sensitive) in BDMV folder by default
- Fixed BD ISO playback cannot display external subtitles (Bug #5000593)
- Fixed BD playback with external sub freeze at end of movie (Bug #5000596)
- now able to playback problematic commercial BD titles e.g. Pirate of Carribean, Avatar
- Fix occasional failure to render external SRT after switching from internal PGS subtitles
- Now allow both *.ISO and *.iso to be detected for external SRT subtitles
- Fixed "SleepingBeauty" BD playback through USB EXT3/NTFS stuttering (Bug #5000433)
- Fixed a crash due to external subtitle
- SimpleBD fast rewind
- currently it does not span over if the video consists of multiple TS.
- fast forward beyond 4x still under development
3. Video and Audio playback
- HD audio passthrough support for file playback
- Fixed certain Arabic subtitle failed to display
- Fixed failure to playback some AVI which contain ID3 (aoe-cop.avi)
- Fixed frequent press of Enter key at start of audio file playback occasional cause system failure
- MKV file playback with new audio/subtitle/chapter navigator ala SimpleBD menu style
- Press Title key
- Fixed some MKV (created with makemkv) freeze on time seek
- Fixed MKV with 5.1 FLAC audio cannot playback
- Fixed subtitle not displayed after 64 subs (Sigma bugId 11560)
- external IDX/SUB (D1 resolution only) support for MKV
- Fixed m4a with unsupported genre metadata crashing the player (Bug #5000716)
- Fixed incorrect playback timer for MPEG after trickmode (Bug #5000072)
- Changed DTS default setting to PCM in setup
- Improve pre-buffering for H.264 streaming
- TrueAudio (.tta) audio file playback support
- Fixed background image conflicting with the listing page after pressing stop button
at exact end of the music file (Bug #5001072)
- Fixed missing subtitle "track" submenu during first playback after system reboot (Bug #5001116)
- MP3 handling for certain bad unconventional v2.4 ID3 tag
- Fixed playback issue with some mp3 files with multiple ID3 tag
- Fixed certain IDX/SUB cannot display (IDX that contains only selected non-zero substream index)
- Fixed audio mute/unmute issue at the beginning of file playback
- Fixed a mp3 with embedded cover art cause crash (Bug #t0000391)
- Fixed DTS-HD changed to PCM after Dolby Digital Analog/PCM selection is changed (Bug #t0000384)
- Fixed DTS audio loss after playback files with DTS-MA
- Better rendering for subtitle
- subtitle improvement
- added "auto" in Color to apply native styles in SSA ("white/red" option is removed).
- note that when subtitle Color set to "auto", other settings becomes inaccesible
- hide "Color", "Size" and "Position" when they are not applicable (e.g. IDX/SUB)
- Fixed wrong audio format info displayed on Info bar
- Fixed FF (mkv, avi) broken in previous release
- disable SSA subtitle animation
- Fixed +-30sec skip (RIGHT/LEFT key) not working properly during certain M2TS
playback (Bug #5001535 = #0000246)
- Fixed HDMI audio mute broken
- Workaround for MKV with "header removal compression"
- Fixed proper display of audio info on Info bar
- Fixed volume control sluggishness during Internet radio
- Fixed sound burst when certain WAV playback starts.
- Fixed issue with MP4 file > 2GB playback through HTTP
- Fixed incorrect volume level during certain DVD playback
- Fixed SimpleBD DTS-HD audio incorrectly switched to DTS after seek operation (Bug #5001602)
- Fixed certain small video files causing incorrect "buffering" display and hang up after playback
- Fixed audio volume level and mute inconsistency after seek operation
- Fixed wrong fps info on certain TS and MKV files
- Improved ASS/SSA subtitle engine (Anime correct tag, color, etc...)
4. Photo app
- Fixed slideshow failed via Picasa if the album has more than 700 photos (Bug #5000535)
- Fixed incorrect photo played randomly when play a single photo (pressing Enter) via myiHome (Bug #5000535)
- Fixed photo playback crash due to photo EXIF parsing
5. System/Network
- Fixed "purple splash" during system bootup
- When Ethernet speed set to 10/100, TCP Receive Window will be disabled
- Set TCP Receive Window to 0 for "Auto" trying to find best value.
Manually change this value if it works better on your Gigabit network.
- Fixed failure to go to enter Media Source screen after setting TCP Receive Window to "auto"
- new Ralink RT2880 MII Wifi card driver
- Modified Hungarian text
- Workaround for occasional HDMI blackout when AVR/TV on/off or hotplug
- Added "open source license" page
- update on Traditional Chinese language pack
- Added patch for GPT USB (Drobo)
- minor French translation fixes
- Fixed HDMI CEC regression (Bug #5001609/#0000144)
6. Browser
- Fixed file rename issue with character '$'
7. UPnP AV
- Fixed remote renderer (EyeCon etc) cannot set pause, mute, volume up/down
- Fixed discovered devices disappear when certain UPnP device is attached to network
- Swisscenter Simple Media Server (SIME); reduce waiting time of change track.
- PlayOn UPnP server; fix streaming issue.
8. Web Services
- Fixed minor pop-up message word-wrap issue (Bug #0000250)
9. AppCenter (PHF / ROBIG)
- Latest modified app, with fixes and new YouTube (Bug #t0000367, #t0000369, #t0000382)
- Fixed old shoutcast menu could not pop up
- "Standby" by pressing Power key
- Fixed Return key not working
- new revision3, shoutcast, weatherbug PHF
- Channels.com (removed from latest release due some changes on
partner's server API, currently under QA)
- KiniTV, fixed broken playback issue
- Next New Network
- Fixed Cocktails channel url issue
- Fixed unable to exit issue
- Reposition exit button
- Removed Indy_mogul - The Best Short Films in the World (due to no
feeds available)
- Refine error message
- Photobucket, fixed crash issue for Interestingness page and limit to 16 items
- Revision 3
- Fixed navigation issue after playback
- Disable screensaver during playback
- Refine error message
- Shoutcast Radio
- Refine the playback handling
- Weatherbug
- Fixed navigation issue, description being truncated and html syntax issue
- Fixed tracking station list format issue
- Fixed lost focus issue after changing tracking station
- Fixed setting issues
- Fixed revert to local info after 30s issue
- Support 3 digit display for Celsius setting
- Fixed bird animation (wing , eye flip) issue
- New apps
- BlipTV
- Livestation
- MotorzTv
- Picasa Web Album
- Twitter
- Youtube (is back!)
10. NMT Apps
- Fixed NMT Setup unable to perform fresh setup on new harddisk with no partition
- Fixed NZBGet causes harddisk spindown issue
11. Known issues
- Does not output or downmix Dolby Digital core from Dolby TrueHD for file playback
and SimpleBD
- video blackout for a few seconds while framerate sync is performed
- WMAPro RAW output cause hang-up; forced to PCM (downmix) as workaround

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Hi, my name is Damian, and I'm tech gadget addict! Although I always had some interest in technology, it wasn't until I got my EX470 and more importantly found Mediasmartserver.net, that my interest became an addiction. My goal, aside from world domination and to see the Mets/Broncos win another championship, is to set up the perfect digital home where all my media is available at the click of a button. When I am not writing for Mediasmartserver.net you can find me over at my blog at http://www.adigitalhomeblog.com or follow me on twitter


Shane August 26, 2010 at 2:51 pm

I don’t see it listed on their site or forums yet so you fired this off rather quickly =)

Damian August 26, 2010 at 3:54 pm

Its game time baby!!! :-)

Shane August 26, 2010 at 3:57 pm

Yea, I’ve been waiting on these fixes for a while. I love my C-200 and would never trade it for anything else but the VC-1 playback, HD audio, and out of sync audio for mkvs have had me up in arms.

I’ll have to do some testing when I get to the house!

Damian August 26, 2010 at 4:00 pm

Cool, post back when you get a chance to test out to let us know your results. I have been a little bit spoiled since I have been running with the beta fw for the last three months which already had these fixes in place.

Akagi August 30, 2010 at 1:03 am

Been considering one of these digital media players, but from what I’ve read they’ve been having major problems with stylized .ASS subtitled files as seen in almost all anime nowadays (showing subtitle comments, positioning, etc.)

Any word on whether this update fixes that?

Damian September 1, 2010 at 7:48 am

I didn’t see anything specifically related to .ASS. I don’t use this subtitle type so I cannot confirm first hand

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