CloudBerry Lab releases CloudBerry S3 Backup for WHS v1.6

by Stephen Bruce on August 2, 2010 · 2 comments

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CloudBerry Lab has released v1.6 update for their CloudBerry S3 Backup for Windows Home Server software.

This is what CloudBerry Labs indicates as what is new to the 1.6 release:

  • Backup of Network Shares
  • Smart Delete – an option to keep locally deleted files on backup storage
  • Server Edition – designed to run on Windows Server 2003/2008

CloudBerry backup allows you the opportunity to back up the data on your server automatically on Amazon S3.  You can select the data you want to backup, encrypt and password protect your data thus adding additional levels of security.  To help save space and bandwidth the software will also compress your data helping you save money.

There is also a CloudBerry Web Interface so you can access you data from anywhere but you do not need to use their interface to access your data as they indicate you can use any interface you desire to access your data.   This comes in handy in the event you need to access your data when your server is offline for some reason.

What is important to note here is just how many users express concern about their data when an issue occurs with their server.  Using a service such as this just adds additional redundancy to protecting your data and it’s all automated so you can rest assured that your data is safely backed up in the event that something horrible happens to your server such as a fire, flood or in the event its stolen.

I am a firm believer in protecting your data.  The server accomplishes this well but with protecting your data you need redundancy meaning more than one copy of your data.  While the server does have file and folder duplication and works well just consider that one copy so another copy is necessary for your protection.  Offsite backups are another form of redundancy they can be on CD, DVD Disks or External Hard Drives or on services such as CloudBerry.

So the question for each and every one of you is how do you backup your data?  Is your data is one location or multiple locations?  How each and every one of you approaches this is a personal choice but is it as effective as it could be?  Is your data really protected?

I welcome each and every one of you to share your thoughts on this topic.

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Jason August 2, 2010 at 2:36 pm

I’m still waiting on these guys to offer block level differential so that if 100MB of data changes in my 250GB Time Machine backup file it will only back up that 100MB difference and not the whole 250GB file.

Come to think of it, it would be awful nice if the WHS demigrator could do this too!

Richard August 8, 2010 at 9:39 am

I’ve been using Cloudberry for WHS since early June 2010 and it has worked very reliably for me on a daily basis. It’s worth noting that you can configure Cloudberry to send you an email following the completion of any backup jobs so that you can have the piece of mind knowing that it’s continuously working. The email notifications even let you know when a new upgrade has been released which I think is useful.

Block level backups aren’t supported yet but they are supposedly working on it.

I’ve had additional piece of mind that my important documents and photos aren’t going to go up in smoke in the event of a disastrous situation with my WHS server. I’m still trying to determine the best method for dealing with my home made videos but that’s another topic. :)

I would recommend using Cloudberry. It works reliably well.

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