August 2010

Nick over at ASoft, developer of the popular AdminiMe and AutoExit Add-Ins for Windows Home Server, has released an updated version of his WHS DevKit 2 which is designed to help developers create/build/install Add-Ins for Windows Home Server Vail. This new version has been updated to support the latest version of Windows Home Server: build […]

About a month ago I put together an article on where I hoped SageTV was heading since I have had a love/hate relationship with it. At the top of my list was a new/refreshed media extender that supported full HD Audio bitstreaming and downmix. Well, looks like I may be able to cross that off […]

One area of media streaming I had been wanting to get more involved in but just never found the time (getting my video collection streaming properly has been top priority) was music. My wife and I are not huge music buffs but we do have a decent sized collection, and the only way of accessing […]

Tentacle Software, creators of the popular add-in Disk Management, have been hard at work with a new add-in called Blackbox for WHS which they have just announced and are soliciting people for testing in an initial closed beta.  For more information and to request access to the closed beta, visit the Tentacle Software website. Blackbox […]

It has been nearly three months since Syabas released the first beta firmware for the PCH C-200. There were some important fixes that were added, such as support for bitstreaming HD Audio in standalone mkv/(m2)ts files, fixed vc-1 mkv playback, etc… It has been a somewhat bumpy ride for Syabas of late, so hopefully release […]

With all the talk lately on the next iteration of Windows Home Server in the form of Vail and it’s close relative Aurora you would quite understandably think that Microsoft have finished working on Windows Home Server V1. But, today Microsoft seems to have squashed that rumour by releasing an update as Update Rollup 1. […]

Just going through my emails I noticed I received an email from Pioneer Electronics advertising integration of Pandora (a free internet based radio station of sorts) into their latest in-dash receivers. This is all done from an iPhone running the Pandora app, connecting to the Pioneer receiver via USB. I recently discovered Pandora (actually I […]

I have highlighted several different programs such as MakeMKV, Another EAC3To GUI, and Ripbot264 which can be used to create an mkv. Unfortunately most mkv programs out there either do encoding or lossless ripping, but not both. I mostly do lossless ripping so this is not an issue, but I do occasionally encode a media […]

Björn Bürstinghaus from the German site Bjoerns Windows Blog has been in touch to let us know he has created a couple of Windows 7 themes inspired by the release of the updated previews of Windows Home Server Vail and Windows Server Aurora. I think Björn has done a great job on these so be sure to […]

One of the many things I have had on my To Do List for a while now is to set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN) for my home network. For those who don’t know a VPN is a network that uses a public telecommunication infrastructure, such as the Internet, to provide remote offices or […]