July 2010

Prices on large capacity hard drives have been dropping steadily and you can now get a 2 terabyte drive to expand your storage for under $100 (and I’m sure that will be dropping even lower before we know it), and at the same time we’re needing to store more and more content in the form […]

I have been fortunate enough to help beta test Sage My Movies (SMM) for the last few months. Unfortunately being a beta tester keeps me from spilling too many details. Well, now that Sage My Movies has been released into the wild, I can finally go into more detail about this great Plug In. SMM […]

Over half a year a go  I posted about an exciting new project. PluckyHD of the Plucky Clan had announced he was working on a plug in for SageTV based off of the popular Media Center Management Software MyMovies. Well, after a lot of blood, sweat, and an incredible amount of tears PluckyHD is ready […]

Quite often I am asked what media player I recommend. Often, the question usually turns in to “Would you recommend the PCH C-200 or the Dune Base/Prime?”. Up until now I have been unable to answer this question as I have never used a Dune Base/Prime. Well, thanks to Mike @ Duneplayer.com for providing me […]

I have always had a love/hate relationship with SageTV. On one hand I think it has the most potential out of all the Media Center front ends. This includes true Windows Home Server integration and a very robust client/extender relationship. When I say Windows Home Server integration what I am talking about is the ability […]

One common question I see asked is what is the best way to rip a TV Series Boxset. The biggest issue with TV Series Boxsets is that it is not particularly user friendly with episodes spanning across multiple discs. I have found that ripping each episode individually works the best, especially considering that most front […]

HP has announced the release of two free HP Add-Ins that will be available beginning July 13th for the HP MediaSmart Server and HP Data Vault products. The first is an update to the previously released TiVo Add-In and allows customers to schedule series recordings of their favorite programs and have them automatically copied over […]

Windows Home Server makes it easy to expand your storage as your needs grow, and when you have filled all the internal drive bays of your server an eSATA storage enclosure is the highest performance and most reliable way to gain more storage. The HP MediaSmart Server EX4xx and DataVault models all have a single […]

Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet seems to be the first with many Microsoft rumors, including several Windows Home Server items. On January 27, 2010 she posted about the Windows Home Server “Vail” leak, and now today she has a blog post saying that we can expect updated betas of Vail and Aurora sometime next week. […]

Up until now the only way to replace your power supply was to follow the instructions found here in the Wiki which requires you to modify an existing power supply. I am pleased to announce the availability of direct replacement Power Supply Units for the EXxxx Series MediaSmart Servers now being produced and sold by […]