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Another interesting application I came across is a handy little tool called HdBrStreamExtractor. It is a simple GUI that was designed to utilize EAC3To to extract audio/video/subtitle streams from Blu Rays and HD DVDs.  If you read my post on using Clown_BD + MKVMerge to create an mkv the process is nearly identical, except HdBr replaces Clown_BD.

Files To Download:

Java – needs to be installed  for BDSup2Sub to work
Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile
MediaInfo (Optional)
madFLAC (Optional)
TotalMedia Theatre 3 Trial Platinum (Optional)



- Install or extract to a folder files listed above (non optional files). HdBrStreamExtractor must be extracted into the root eac3to folder (see screenshot below with three HdBr files)

- For the Optional files:

  • Although not necessary MediaInfo is a great tool for verifying the results of the created mkv file.
  • If you want to convert the audio track to FLAC, you will need to install both madFLAC and TotalMedia Theatre. The reason why TotalMedia Theatre is needed is because there is no free DTS decoder, so without a decoder the FLAC file will only be made from the core audio and not from the DTS(MA) track. TotalMedia Theater comes with a decoder (ArcSoft DTS Decoder) which will be used to convert the DTS(MA) to lossless FLAC. You can let the TMT trial period expire as the decoder will still remain available for use (obviously don’t uninstall when the trial period expires)

Using HdBrStreamExtractor:

When you launch HdBrStreamExtractor you will see a very simple UI.

After selecting your input and output folders, click the “Features” link. HdBr will analyze your input and show a list of all available playlists to choose from.

Once you know which playlist you want to use select it. You should see HdBr analyze the playlist and once done a list of all streams will appear in the “Stream(s)” section.

The final step is t o choose each stream that you want to extract. For each stream you choose you can then select how you want extracted under the “Extract As” option. For example, if you want the DTS(MA) audio stream extracted as DTS(MA) choose “DTSHD”. You can also choose “FLAC”, “AC3″, etc…. Once done click the “Extract” button and HdBr will work its magic.

If you want to manually edit the EAC3To argument hold down the “Ctrl” button when you click the “Extract” button and you should see an Arguments popup appear.

Once HdBr is done navigate to your output folder and you should see all the streams you had HdBr extract.

Subtitle Support:

One drawback of HdBr is that it does not identify forced subtitles so you will need to use BDSup2Sub to determine if there are forced subtitles present. In you extracted subtitles with HdBr simply open BDSup2Sub and drag over the extracted subtitles. If there are any forced subtitles you will see a message in the bottom left corner (as per the screenshot below you will see a “Detected 22 forced captions” message).

If forced subtitles are present go to File -> Save/Export, check the “Export only forced” option, and click Save.

From  this point forward you can pick up from the MKVMerge section to mux your extracted files into an mkv.

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Brajesh May 21, 2010 at 8:26 am

Another handy guide. Thanks Damian.

Damian May 21, 2010 at 9:34 am

@ Brajesh,

At some point I should run out of mkv programs to write about!!!

Brajesh May 21, 2010 at 4:34 pm

Nope, not until there is one that will do it all instead of multiple tools. On a kind of related note, I’ve started re-using BD Rebuilder as it now supports re-encoding directly to MKV. So, an alternative to RipBot264.

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