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by Damian on May 19, 2010 · 4 comments

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At the beginning of the year I had posted about an exciting new project that was coming to SageTV. Developer PluckyHD was working on porting over MyMovies to SageTV. Well, over on the SageTV forums it looks like PluckyHD is getting very close to releasing his MyMovies plugin (my guess it will make the rounds with beta testers first). A new batch of screenshots have just emerged which you can see below.

Along with the upcoming release of SageTV MyMovies it has been announced by Brent Evans over at Geektonic that SageTV Version 7 will be released as a public beta tomorrow. SageTV 7 looks to be a complete rewrite of SageTV 6.0. For anyone who has followed my writings you know I have been somewhat critical of SageTV as I felt it had failed to keep up with the other front ends. The UI in my opinion was dated and ugly. I felt that installing plugins required way too many steps and there were too many chances for user error. The hope is that SageTV 7 addresses these issues and others, as well as add enhancements to really bring it to the forefront. The public beta will be available starting tomorrow and will come with a free 21 day trial. After that the pricing is as follows:

  • All windows SageTV6 and SageTV6 upgrade licenses purchased on or after 12/1/2009 will be valid for SageTV 7.
  • All prior linux and mac and client and placeshifter and extender licenses will be valid for SageTV7
  • Upgrade licenses on windows are $39.95, and any prior Windows Version of SageTV license qualifies for an upgrade license.

Some notable new features will be as documented by Brent Evans:

  • New User Interface (UI)
  • Online Plugin Manager
  • BDMV (Blu-ray) folder playback
  • Support for playback of ISO DVD and Blu-ray files
  • SageTV recordings now have their full metadata embedded
  • Increased stability of Hauppauge HD-PVR
  • DirectShow demux filter for handling MKV, MP4 and FLV media types
  • New ‘Effects’ rendering system with support for more advanced and easier to use animations
  • Background image loading system allows for faster loading of thumbnails and other image resources
  • New Pan/Zoom style slideshow transition effects
  • Automatic conversion of Favorite recordings
  • Significant performance increases for HD200

I must admit I am very excited to see what is in store with SageTV 7. There are still a handful of items that SageTV must overcome in order for me to seriously consider switching over from Windows Media Center, but I feel this is a move in the right direction. I have had some growing frustration of late with Media Browser, so looking at alternatives has become more of a priority for me. Since SageTV is the only front end to truly integrate with Windows Home Server (I have very little faith that Microsoft will ever get it right), a fresh new approach and rebuild could be all it takes to open up SageTV to a new group of users. Hopefully with SageTV 7 being released this will also open up the door to a much needed hardware refresh of the SageTV HD200. The hope is that these changes are not just to bring SageTV in line with other front ends but also set them apart from the others. You can bet I will be running SageTV 7 through the ringer starting tomorrow so stay tuned!!!

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Damian May 20, 2010 at 12:20 pm


SageTV V7 Beta is now available for download:

Texas-Hansen May 20, 2010 at 1:04 pm

So very glad that Sage has updated the UI and made some many awesome improvements. Just installed V7 remotely. Interestingly, I noticed that when I uninstalled the V6 add-in for Sage WHS, V6 was removed but the box in the add-in list remains. I suspect something didn’t get removed in the registry that left that graphic box. Installed V7 with no problems. Looking forward to testing when I get home tonight.

Damian May 20, 2010 at 1:31 pm

I had brought my laptop to work so just installed as well. Had two minutes to play around with it, looks good so far. The new plugin architecture is nice but gonna take some time understanding what each plugin is. I installed a theme (Serenity which is an XBMC theme) and assigned as the display. The only difference I see from the stock theme is just a different background picture appears for each menu item, a little more subtle then I hoped for. I was really hoping that the default Videos section you could have multiple views (i.e. coverflow, detail, list, etc…) but it appears to be just the one basic view. Definitely going to take some time to understand all the changes

Comp1962 May 20, 2010 at 7:55 pm

Damian ~ Leave it to you to get me motivated with something else. I have played around with WMC and its nice but after reading about the SageTV 7 its peeked my interest to try it but then I thought why not let you run it through its tasks and I will just see what you and others have to say about it. In the mean time I am giving a lot of thought into building an HTPC but can’t seem to make up my mind on the hardware configuration just yet. One thing I need to know is does the SageTV offer language support for Chinese. While my fiance prefers English format there are times when she gets frustrated and prefers her native languge Chinese so of late I have been configuring things here with Language support in mind.

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