HP and KeepVault Now Offering 20% Discount to Europe

by Stephen Bruce on April 9, 2010 · 3 comments

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Terry Walsh over at WeGotServed has posted an HP Press Announcement that HP and Proxure Extend KeepVault Online Backup Deal to Europe.  The announcement mentions an offer to extend the 20% discount to European MediaSmart and Data Vault Server owners on the KeepVault and KeepVault Pro add-ins for Windows Home Server that we first heard about for US owners back in February.

HP and KeepVault offer discount for European MediaSmart and DataVault Owners

Terry also mentions that this service has been translated into French, German and Spanish. You can get the KeepVault Add-In through this link. Here’s the full HP announcement.

HP is excited to present users with KeepVault, an online backup service that is designed for WHS customers. With KeepVault, users can select individual subfolders and top level WHS shares for real time, continuous protection or schedule regular backups when convenient. Data is encrypted prior to transfer, and remains encrypted in the vault. KeepVault provides notifications to email, SMS, or Twitter. In case of lost data files, users can recover all missing files on their PC with the One Click Recovery feature, and all of this for a fixed annual subscription price that can easily be upgraded as your storage needs grows.

The Keep Vault is available in two flavours, standard “Keep Vault” and “Keep Vault Pro and Business”. KeepVault Pro and Business has all of the features of KeepVault, and additional value for small businesses and advanced users. KeepVault Pro and Business sports best in class upload speeds, up to 3X regular KeepVault speeds. Data is encrypted prior to being sent, and remains encrypted in the cloud with secure 128 bit encryption (soon 256 bit). Customers can backup multiple HP Data Vaults to the cloud, and can access their files from any internet connected computer – at home, office, or on the road. KeepVault Pro and Business includes administrative features such as enhanced alert notification, proxy server support, and admin lockdown.

Customers can get access to KeepVault Online Backup and full service details from the offer site at http://hp.keepvault.com/offer.php?refer=rr_hpwhs.

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Jesse Reese April 9, 2010 at 5:52 pm

HP is a funny company. They tried their own online backup and miserably failed:


It looks like that the only option they have is endorse another company. What a shame for such a big corporation!

Comp1962 April 9, 2010 at 6:30 pm

Here is a link to help the users who were using the Amazon S3 still use it after the 3.0 update. Hope it helps those who want to continue using Amazon S3.


Daren Friday April 18, 2010 at 2:03 am

Hi, I tried the KeepVault this weekend. We all are aware of the 20Gb partition being an major issue with WHS. Keepvault uses all the remaining space for it’s backup database. There are no available settings allowing you to put the database somewhere else so already at a dead end unless either HP/WHS patch a bigger partition or KeepVault move the database.

I can install Partition Magic on WHS, it does allow me to shrink the DATA drive so I assume it will allow me to expand the SYSTEM partition. I have too much data to test. Has anybody pressed the button?


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